Dear fellow Laurel & Hardy fans,

We are delighted and proud to announce that we are putting together a book to be titled Stan Laurel at the Oceana – Twilight of a Comedy Legend which we intend to become the definitive account of the end of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy's career and the ensuing years. Starting with the end of their last UK tour in 1954, it will focus on their retirement, primarily the final 7 years of Stan Laurel's life which he spent with his wife Ida at the Oceana Apartment Hotel in Santa Monica.

For the first time ever, we will paint as complete a picture as possible of Stan the man, the real person behind the famous grin. You will get to know him through a candid look into his daily life as he corresponds with friends and fans, battles various illnesses, receives honours and awards for his contributions to film comedy, and receives visitors in his seaside apartment to reminisce about the old days.

The book will have over 300 pages filled to the brim with little-known facts and new revelations, including insights into Stan's conflicted personality, accompanied by lots of rare and unpublished images, and will include a bonus DVD, whose contents will be disclosed later.

We invite you to read this newsletter to find out more details about the book, who we are, and how you can help to make this book the best it can possibly be.

With thanks and gratitude,
Nico Cartenstadt, Michael Ehret, Tyler St. Mark


On June 15, 1958, Stan Laurel and his fourth wife Ida moved to the Oceana, a brand-new seaside apartment hotel in Santa Monica, California. They would live there happily until Stan's death in 1965.

Living quietly away from the limelight, the elderly, retired and ailing comedian spent his time corresponding with friends and fans, watching the ocean and television, reminiscing about the old days, and occasionally entertaining visitors which included fans as well as celebrities.

Stan Laurel at the Oceana - Twilight of a Comedy Legend will take you on a journey back to the 1950s, 1960s and beyond, giving you an intimate look into the private life of one of the most celebrated comedians ever. You will be able to follow him almost day by day through correspondence, interviews, articles and much more. While reading the book, you will learn many things you did not yet know about Stan, the man behind the famous grin.

The book will contain over 300 pages filled with information, letters, lots of rare photographs, personal items,... As a special bonus, it will come with a DVD containing rare audio and video (contents to be disclosed later). Follow Stan and Ollie as they are forced to cancel their final British tour ahead of schedule, and attempt a TV comeback after their surprise appearance on 'This Is Your Life' in December 1954. Read about the health issues which plagued both of them, Stan's devastation at Oliver's death in 1957, and his subsequent retirement from show business.

Filled to the brim with rare and unpublished images, letters, documents, trivia, insights into Stan's conflicted personality, visitor stories and much, much more, Stan Laurel at the Oceana - Twilight of a Comedy Legend will be the ultimate account of the final chapter in Laurel & Hardy's career.


For our upcoming book, titled Stan Laurel at the Oceana - Twilight of a Comedy Legend, we have dug deep into our respective collections, and several others have already generously supplied additional material. However, we are sure that there is more out there.

Therefore, we reach out to all of you. Are you a collector, did you actually meet Stan or do you know someone who is/did, do tell him or her about this exciting new project. If you have any material or memories pertaining to Stan’s retirement years (1955-1965) that you wish to share, please get in touch with us through:


We also welcome any info, photos and documents about early Laurel & Hardy fan clubs, particularly the Laurel & Hardy Club of America and the early years of the Sons of the Desert Appreciation Society. Of course anyone who contributes will be duly credited and rewarded.

When the book is ready, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign, probably on Kickstarter, in order to be able to get it printed and distributed. So even if you don't happen to have something to contribute to the book itself, you can still help to make sure it becomes a reality by preordering through the campaign (to be announced).

Please spread the word throughout the Laurel & Hardy community.



If you have any information or material which you believe would be useful for our upcoming book, and which you want to share with your fellow Laurel & Hardy fans, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you! Of course anyone who contributes will be duly credited and rewarded.

For more info about our project, please contact us at:



Nico Cartenstadt (Belgium), Michael Ehret (Germany) and Tyler St. Mark (USA) are three lifelong Laurel & Hardy fans and collectors, who are dedicated to both preserving and promoting the legacy of the best double act ever to grace the silver screen.

In 2017, Michael and Nico published a much-acclaimed book/CD release about the boys, called "Spot On! An Audiovisual Account of Laurel & Hardy's 1952 British Tour" www.laurel-hardy-publications.com With the multitalented and very knowledgeable Tyler on board, the three of them set out to produce a worthy successor, titled Stan Laurel at the Oceana - Twilight of a Comedy Legend.



Michael Ehret
Laurel & Hardy fan, collector, writer & researcher

Researcher of rare footage, audio recordings, photos and documents.
For example for the following TV documentaries and books:

"Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives and Magic", 2012 (TV)
"The Lot of Fun: Where the Movies Learned to Laugh", 2014 (TV)
"Harold Lloyd: Hollywood`s Timeless Comedy Genius", 2017 (TV)
"Laurel and Hardy: Spot On!", 2017 (Book & CD)