December 2012

The caption on the back reads:Thelma Todd stands by, while her team screen-mate, Patsy Kelly, submits to a blood pressure test conducted by Dr. Gil Edwards. Miss Kelly, noted stage and screen comedienne now a featured played at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Hal Roach Studios, recently suffered severe injuries and shock in the automobile accident which claimed the life of Jean Malin, famous cafe entertainer.

Posted by Michael Ehret on The Nutty Nut News Network Facebook page. This image from April 1938 shows Stan & Illeana's Russian Orthodox Wedding. Trevor Dorman adds 'The Priest is Fr. Leonid Znamensky. The guys at the back are the best men - Sergie Temoff & Serge Malavski. Apparently Illeana was an hour late for the ceremony and the ring arrived a half hour after that!'

Oliver and Myrtle from his passport.

Up for auction here in the UK, sadly the signatures are fake...BUYER BEWARE.

Babes in Toyland

November 2012

Rob Stone writes on Facebook:  I was digging around our unidentified nitrate the other day and I.D.'ed another Babe Hardy film. This one is THE FLY COP starring Billy West.

Two Peas in a POOOOO-DA!

Laurel and Hardy Meet the Monsters form the collection of Mike David.  Mike writes 'Here's a drawing from my good friend, L&H enthusiast and author Len Kohl, making for a nice blend of classic comedy and horror. He draws some interesting parallels in his book, "Sinister Serials", between the Boys and the occasional pairings of Lugosi and Karloff.'

Below Zero

Hal Roach Studios image from the collection of Craig Raguse.  Richard Bann adds that the studios weren't painted green for long.

Babes in Toyland

The Flying Deuces

Fra Diavolo

October 2012

Sons of the Desert

Sons of the Desert

Pardon Us

Pardon Us


Beau Hunks

Babes in Toyland

A Chump At Oxford

September 2012

A Perfect Day, wouldn't things have been easier if they had their picnic indoors?

A Perfect Day, you can see the mic!  Goodbyeeeeee

Our Wife with Ben Turpin, Babe London and Blanche Payson.

Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly in Maid in Hollywood.

Thelma may have been calling Stan....'It's a long distance from Atlanta, Georgia'

Yet another car gets the Laurel and Hardy treatment in Hog Wild.

Humorist Irvin Cobb, Film Director Hal Roach and Financier EF Hutton.  From 1934.

A black and white photograph of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy with Colin Tibler at his exhibition in Grantham in 1952, signed and inscribed to mounts 'My best wishes Colin Stan Laurel' and 'Good luck Colin always thanks for everything Oliver Hardy', dated 1952. Currently for sale at auction in the UK.

Swiss Miss

Should Married Men Go Home?

Should Married Men Go Home? ..........NO!

August 2012

Berth Marks

Joe Cobb

Joe Cobb

Candid image of Joe Cobb

Candid image of Joe Cobb

Candid image of Joe Cobb

Candid image of Joe Cobb


This signed image of Stan Jefferson recently sold at auction in the US for $1720, if I'm not mistaken this is the exact image I [Dean] had my picture taken with in 2005 when a Scottish fan owned the picture.

Putting Pants on Phillip, this picture was taken just next to The Culver Hotel.

Pack Up Your Troubles

Bonnie Scotland with Sgt. Leatherpuss!

July 2012

From our Facebook page this image is from The Rogue Song and features the cast and crew minus Laurel and Hardy.  Our very own Andrew Smith asked 'Weren't their scenes added after the bulk of shooting had been completed?' and he got the following replies:

Randy Skretvedt: I believe that L&H and Tibbett worked together only one day--Mr. Roach told me that the film had been completed and previewed, and it seemed to be too sombre and needed some comedy relief. Irving Thalberg had Mr. Roach come to MGM for a meeting--Mr. Roach remembered that Thalberg had a lot of yes men in the room, and when Thalberg suggested that Laurel and Hardy be a coachman and footman, they all said, "That's a *wonderful* idea, Mr. Thalberg!" Mr. Roach then said, "Tell me what they're going to do that's funny." Thalberg responded with something like "Well, that's your department." I'm not sure whether Mr. Roach directed the L&H scenes or Lionel Barrymore--I remember reading a letter from Stan saying that Barrymore directed them and fell asleep in his chair during one of their scenes! But I think Dick Bann has something which notes that Mr. Roach directed them--maybe he came in after Barrymore went home for a nap!

Richard W. Bann: Hal Roach had made his own short with Lionel Barrymore so he knew from experience that Barrymore was not funny. L&H were too valuable to jeopardize. The really great film comedians make it look so easy that we -- just like the MGM execs -- all think we could create the same kind of results. Trying it proves this wrong. But Roach was assured by the time Metro made HOLLYWOOD PARTY that L&H would be in good hands with George Stevens.

Our friend Bob Duncan shared this image on Facebook writing: Happy Birthday Martha! On June 24th 1910 Martha Sleeper was born in Lake Bluff IL. It was the beginning of a truly extraordinary life. She remains one of the most underrated talents of the 20th Century and a true Renaissance woman.

Bob has previously written:

This Sunday June 24th will be the 102nd anniversary of the birth of Martha Sleeper. Martha was a very talented and entrepreneurial woman who had four very distinct careers. As a teen she was a very busy actress in one and two-reel silent comedies at the Hal Roach studio working primarily opposite Charley Chase and Max Davidson. With the advent of talkies Martha moved on to feature films - she was a featured player at MGM and appeared in many films in the early 1930s usually in a supporting role. She also began doing live stage work at local venues in the area. In 1936 Martha left Hollywood and moved to New York where she began a dozen year run as a busy actress in both on-Broadway and off-Broadway productions. She also turned a hobby, that of designing and making costume and gadget jewellery, into a thriving business. She was at the forefront of a fashion trend in gadget jewellery in the country in the late 1930s and her hobby soon turned into a $300,000 a year sideline. In 1949 Martha found her own "paradise" in San Juan Puerto Rico. She sold her home in New York and set up shop in San Juan. She soon became a world renown designer of women's tropical and resort clothing that she had manufactured locally and then sold through a boutique that she maintained in a restored 300 year old building in Old Town San Juan. Her boutique became one of the most popular tourist attractions in San Juan. She finally retired in 1969 and spent her remaining years in Beaufort SC. Martha passed away at the age of 72 on March 25 1983. Martha was never one to be overly nostalgic or to spend time reminiscing about the past - she was always looking ahead to the next challenge. As a consequence she never stayed in any one field long enough to become a "legend" but she lived a full, and very fulfilling, life - one that deserves to be celebrated. So here's to you Martha - Many Happy Returns!.

You can also find a longer essay on Martha that I wrote for the website www.silenthollywood.com a while ago. Martha truly was one-of-a-kind and it's a shame that so few people know of her today.

Along Came Auntie with Martha Sleeper

Another from our Facebook page a still from Hoots Mon (1919)

Short Kilts

From the Facebook page The Making of Stan Laurel. Echoes of a British Boyhood.  The model for Superman was the professional wrestler Karol Krauser (real name Piwoworczyk). What has that to do with Stan Laurel you ask? Well, Stan was best man at Karolís wedding.  You will see from this photo, in real life Stan was a tall as Superman!

Men O War

Edmund MacDonald with the Boys on the Great Guns set.


Berth Marks

County Hospital

County Hospital

Here we see an early image of Ollie behind the camera, can you shed some light on this image?

June 2012

Lois Laurel Senior

County Hospital

Chickens Come Home

Chickens Come Home

Chickens Come Home

Chickens Come Home


The Bohemian Girl

A Chump At Oxford

The Live Ghost

An original press photo from 1950 featuring Comedian Helps Out: Stan Laurel, American film comedian, posed with French paratroopers at the Kermesse aux Etoiles in Paris. The Kermesse is a society sale organized for the benefit of the veterans' fund of the French 2nd Armored Division. Laurel was there signing his autograph for 50 francs to help out the fund.

Michael Ehret ‎adds Ollie was still on board the "Queen Elisabeth". He arrived in Paris 7 days after the photo with Stan was made.

Irv Hyatt writes: The painoist is Alfred Newuamm, who as musucal director was involved with rehersals. Here he is about 40 years old, His carreer lasted into early 70, and included adapting lyrics for "the King and I"' "Gypsy", and did many musical adaptations for some of the films of Rogers and Hamerstein. Singer in doorway is Rise Stevens. This is a shot of the last car of the Victory Caravan Train, note the balcony beyoud the last windows, and the brass "pinchers" to hold the shades in their position once set. Photo on train was taken by the official photographer of the Hollywood Victory Caravan.

Stan and Ruth Laurel

Nothing But Trouble

The reverse of this image currently reads: Mystery Girl Sues Stan Laurel as 'Wife' Out of Stan Laurel's past, like a Hallowe'en ghost, today loomed a self-described common-law wife to stun Hollywood. The woman who gives her name as May Laurel has filed through Attorney S.S. Hahn, a separate maintenance suit alleging she "entered a common-law marriage" with Laurel in New York on or about June 18, 1919, and lived with him as his wife until January 11, 1925. Laurel's second wife, Virginia Ruth has a suit pending in which she asks separate maintenance. The woman who calls herself May Laurel, and Comedian Stan Laurel, when the pair were appearing in vaudeville. Bureaus.

Mae Dahlberg

Mae Dahlberg

May 2012

Harpo Marx and Charles Gemora.  Click here to read more about Charles Gemora 'LOST SOULS: Charles Gemora'

Thelma Todd at Grand Central Airport, Glendale.

Rick Greene posted the above image on Facebook writing:  This incredible photo from the 1934 set of Laurel and Hardy's classic "Babes In Toyland" features Payne Johnson.

An image from the Babes in Toyland presskit.

Laurel and Hardy by Al Hirschfeld

April 2012