Laurel and Hardy
and the
Sons of the Desert
are at the heart of
Bowler Dessert Online

26th Laurel and HarDay

Wigan 1st September 2018


History was made when, for the first time ever, the judges awarded the Kneesie-Earsie-Nosey World Championship prize to two (very worthy) recipients.

Brothers Ben Galloway (aged 7) and Jack (aged 11) are from the Them Thar Hills Tent of Carlisle.

Winners of the annual quiz, set by Eric Woods, were Jonathan Hayward, Marion Grave, Dave Wilkinson and Bill Bailey.

The Pointless game, devised by Gary and Jack Winstanley, was won by a team called "Charles and Di" (sic). As always Ian Parker was Master of Ceremonies.

Scholarly overtones came to the fore when Antony Mitchell-Waite presented an enthraling talk on Laurel and Hardy lookalikes, plays etc, ahead of his forthcomimg books.

As usual, there were plenty of Laurel and Hardy films on the screen, including a brand-new Dirty Movie, put together by Julia Barlow. There was also an ingenious YouTube short and we even saw every Laurel and Hardy film (over 100 of them)! 

Bowler Dessert Online's facebook page has a link to a fully illustrated account of the day, from the organising team.