Laurel and Hardy
and the
Sons of the Desert
are at the heart of
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Bonnie Scotland Tent


The tent's fortieth birthday revelries started at the Tartan Rose on Friday 29th April.

Tent projectionist Kenny MacLaren, with help and support from his wife Mags, as always, screened Bonnie Scotland, the movie which gave the tent its name.

A poll was run to find the tent's favourite short, which turned out to be The Music Box - a clear and unsurprising winner. It had an appreciative reception.

A quiz, compiled as usual by Willie Black, was won by Kenny and Mags. It was, appropriately, on a 1970s theme.

There was a raffle, ably conducted by Mick Brophy and the number of prizes was incredible.

Welcome visitors from England were Dave and Janet Williamson. Actually Dave is a long-standing, fully paid-up member of the tent.

The Bonnie Scotland Tent celebrated forty glorious years at the start of May. Yes, the oasis was formed way back in 1976.

At the celebrations were all four of the tent's Grand Sheiks (past and present): Alan Ellsworth, Willie McIntyre, Janice Hawton and Fred Terris (top right of above photo).

Janice holds monthly meetings at the Tartan Rose pub in Paisley, with films, raffle and fun, at which all are welcome.

Among the many guests at the weekend's celebrations were Bill Crouch, a founder member who had attended the very first meeting of the tent forty years ago. Paul Brodie from the Blotto Tent in Manchester also paid a welcome visit.

Saturday's festivities started with a visit to the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow for an old-fashioned music hall presentation, at which the tent had a mention from the stage.

Saturday night had the tent meet at the Burgh Bar in Paisley. The 1970s theme continued and many tent members dressed accordingly and inventively.

Popular tent member magician Harry mystified folk with stunning card tricks.

A bottle of whisky was to be won in a Pass the Parcel game, in which everyone had to take part. There were several prizes, actually, in the large package, which was unpicked as the game progressed and each prize had a Laurel and Hardy clever connection.

Fun continued with a Derby. Six volunteers competed in the roles of donkeys called Stan, Ollie and pals. A second race had a different set of volunteers and the laughter and cheering was plentiful.

All those present were asked to check the business card they had been given. Most read "Lord Leopold Plumtree". One, however, read "Lord Flagpole Crabtree" - it was held by Christine Black who therefore won the prize of a signed print of the Waverley Paddle Steamer, by former Bonnie Scotland Tent member Allan Sheerin.

Christine also won a ticket for the tent's Waverley outing this summer

The games etc were devised and conducted by Kenny and Mags, who worked extremely hard.

Those who chose to continue with the jollity met for lunch at Kilty Kilty in Paisley on Sunday and a gentle winding-down was appreciated by all.

Thanks go to Janice and all the hardworking team at the Bonnie Scotland Tent for a splendid celebration of forty years of mirth.

Willie McIntyre