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On YouTube

I don't often go on YouTube but a few days ago I did and I came across a pleasant surprise. There are quite a few Laurel and Hardy silent shorts that have been uploaded (is it downloaded?) with music, sound effects and Laurel and Hardy (and others) dialogue cleverly integrated from other films. I think this works very well - they are certainly superior to the Double Whoopee sound version where the dialogue was done by Chuck McCann.

Two user's names for these are (1) FreddyT1994 and (2) count gilman.

 Have I not been paying attention as these versions are new to me? I am intrigued. Furthermore I would rather like to add them to my collection.

 If anyone has any further information about these silent FX versions (what does that mean?) I would love to hear from you.

  Roger Robinson

Bonnie Scotland Tent

Janice Hawton and her Bonnie Scotland Tent have a few excursions planned.

The annual trip on the paddle steamer Waverley trip is on Saturday 21st July.
They will be going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on Saturday 4th August to see the Laurel and Hardy show by the Lucky Dog company.
A day out to Dunoon is scheduled for Saturday 15th September.

Men o' War Tent

The Men o' War Tent now has confirmation of our bookings at the Manifest Theatre for the rest of the year - dates for your diary are:

Saturday, 15 September 2018 
Saturday, 3 November 2018
Saturday, 8 December 2018

Advance news of a couple of L&H events which are taking place in Chelmsford at The Cramphorn Studio (adjoining the Civic). This is described as "an intimate studio theatre seating up to 165 and presents a programme of smaller scale professional touring theatre, music productions, dance and lunchtime concerts, as well as being the home of The Chelmsford Picture House renowned for its innovative mixture of art house, world and mainstream film and live screenings."  

First up, on Thursday 15th November, there is a programme of films under the banner Laurel & Hardy - the Hal Roach Years (U).  The evening's films are:  Busy Bodies, Dirty Work, Towed in a Hole, The Chimp and The Music Box.

Then on Thursday 6th December at 7:30pm Jeffrey Holland will be performing  ... and this is my Friend Mr Laurel followed by a talk/Q&A.

 Paul Harding

Clive and Ron

Last Saturday I went to see our good friend Clive Mitchell, now 88, at the nursing home where he now lives. I was invited to attend a garden party. Clive was looking well, much more settled and on the ball. He was much better than when I had previously visited him. His cousin and his wife from Cheshire were there and took the photos. 

The week before, I went with Paul Marshall and Ron Stokoe (92) to Bottesford. It was a brilliant day and Ron was delighted he could make this trip and thoroughly enjoyed himself.


Fin poser

In a previous Bulletin we showed an unusual postcard which Bill Crouch sent us from Switzerland. It made us wonder what film did it illustrate.

Axel Schumacher solved the mystery when he found this on a website...


Gordon Irving RIP

For years many of us read the Showbiz Sam column in the Evening Times. What many of you may not know is that Sam's real name was Gordon Irving. He sadly passed away a few days after our May meeting, and he had been a Bonnie Scotlander for many years. As well as his newspaper work, Gordon was also an author - one book being about Sir Harry Lauder, like the Boys, a member of the Grand Order of Water Rats. He didn't make it to our meetings, however, as well as mentioning us in the local press, he was also instrumental in us getting a mention in the US entertainment paper Variety. The infamy of the Bonnie Scotland Tent is truly international

Janice Hawton

On the radio

Call of the Cuckoos Tent member Dave de Kort played The Trail of the Lonesome Pine on his show Dave's Indulgence on Dunoon Community Radio on 28th June.

Catch Dave on Thursdays at noon on

Grand Sheik Willie McIntyre's programmes Spinning the Sixties and Back to the Seventies on Heartland FM have rescheduled times following a revamp of the station.

For details go to

Willie's shows on Bute Island Radio on Tuesdays at 2.00pm are unchanged.

Seen up north

My wife and I had a lovely day out in Blairgowrie, Perthshire. Imagine my incredulity when I came upon "Blair  Coffee House and  Grill" with a window FULL of The Boys. The owner said they were a good talking point. No matter where you are in the world The  Boys are even bigger than we know and that's BIG!

John  Bogie


On the telly

Laurel and Hardy on the Talking Pictures channel: 

Sat 7th July 11am: Tit For Tat
Sun 8th July 7.15am: Helpmates 

Tony Hillman

Sondayz in the Netherlands

The next Laurel & Hardy Sondayz is set for October 19th/20th 2019.

Just before we can  advertise the programme on which we are still working, Sons are signing up for the event. So hereby a registration form in case you would love to come over next year. 

If you haven't a clue what we are talking about, just check our website or facebook page. You'll find some of the things you need and can have a look at the last Sondayz in our archive.

With four nationalities already signed up it looks like it will be once again a party never to forget and we are looking forward to be your host again next year.

 Graham, Hans, René & Els