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Two Tars Jubilee Journal

With the TWO TARS started 1985, the first Sons Of The Desert Tent in Germany, the modest beginning of the Tent Journal was in 1986 with only four pages, but the paper improved in size and content during the last 30 years and now I can proudly present the Jubilee-Issue 49/50. This once in a lifetime tent magazine has 72 pages in A4 Format with lots of interesting articles about Laurel and Hardy and their Co-Stars.

Send me 15 US dollars, 12 British pounds or 15 Euro in cash (including postage / shipping) in an envelop addressed to: Guenther, The Laurel and Hardy Museum, Burger Landstrasse 19, 42659 Solingen, GERMANY.

Please do not forget your own name and address, stupid, and you get your copy of the TWO TARS Jubilee-Journal when it comes back from the printers stante pede (That's Latin for asap)

If you want more copies for members, friends or as a surprise for Christmas, please let me know soon. As a small gift I include the front page, designed by Claudia Sassen and Steve Rydzewski. Of course the content is in German, but every customer can get a copy of the complete Journal online to run it through some translation programs. It's a modern world we live in.

Wolfgang Guenther


The Lost Laugh

It took longer than I'd hoped, but the rebranded 'Movie Night' is here! Apologies for the wait, and thanks for your patience. Other than the name change, it's business as usual: inside you'll find Will Hay and an assortment of other British film comedians, plus Laurel and Hardy, Charley Chase, Marjorie Beebe and details of a new silent comedy weekend, the London Silent Laughter Weekend (click here).

More articles, blog posts and news will continue to be posted at, and on Twitter @The_LostLaugh

Matthew Ross

Michael Leader

I realise that I took a photograph of our departed friend, Michael, on Sunday 10th July at Old Leigh, during the pre-Convention. Michael came to Southend to join us for our day's activities including our trip to Old Leigh.

In the photo Michael is talking to Tiziano Medici (from Italy). Rita Crandall (USA) is behind them and Bill Freeh (USA) is to Michael's left. Seated at the table are Cliff and Nancy Sawyer (USA) and Dave Dearle (UK).

Michael was in good spirits throughout the day and in the evening at the Naval & Military Club for our special meeting. This could be one of the last, if not the last photo of Michael.

Roger Robinson

At the V&A

Did you know that the V&A museum in London had one of Stan's costumes? Check the bottom paragraph of this article

The V&A Museum has acquired the largest collection of Tommy Cooper memorabilia, tracing the life and legacy of the comedy legend.

One of the centerpieces of the collection is Cooper's 'gag file' - his system for meticulously storing jokes only a small percentage of which he actually performed. It also includes documents relating to the inner workings of his career, such as contracts which date back to 1946, and some he was not able to fulfil following his sudden passing in 1984.

There are also insights into Cooper's magic act, such as his infamous 'Head Twister' illusion, and other memorabilia including posters, personal correspondence and theatre programmes.

Cooper's daughter, Vicky Cooper, said the acquisition was "wonderful".

She said: "I hope it brings as much enjoyment to people as he did when he was alive. My dad would be very proud knowing he was now represented in the National Collection of Theatre and Performance, sitting alongside the likes of Ronnie Barker's archive and costumes worn by Morecambe and Wise and Stan Laurel."

The selection of the objects will go on public display in the autumn (dates to be confirmed).

Tony Hillman

Tommy and Ollie

John Robertson reminds us of a classic Tommy Cooper moment when "Oliver Hardy" walks by in the background for no obvious reason. Find it on YouTube at



Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy play

I had to laugh when I saw on the building next to where the play was performed that there was a plaque to an industrialist called James Finlayson!


With the Beatles

Seen by Richard Smith on the internet.

Richard also spotted this...

Further, Richard also spied this...

Michael Habeck

This is rather late news but I've just come across it.

Michael Habeck was a German actor who was best known for providing the German dubbing for Oliver Hardy after Bruno W. Pantel died. Wikipedia

Born: April 23, 1944, Bad Grönenbach, Germany

Died: February 4, 2011, Munich, Germany

You can find more info on him on Michael Habeck - Muppet wki-wkia

Tony Hillman

Glasgow plaque pique

Plaque pique over comedy king Stan's Battlefield root was the heading on

By Roy Beers (21 August 2016)

History and culture chiefs are being ribbed for "another fine mess" after deciding to install a plaque at the one-time Battlefield home of Stan Laurel of famous comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.

The comedian was originally born in Cumbria in 1890, full name Arthur Stanley Jefferson, and after his family moved to Glasgow he appeared on stage at the Britannia Panopticon, aged 16.

But while he certainly lived for a time at number 17 Craigmillar Road in Battlefield he's also known to have lived in Rutherglen, and also went to Rutherglen Academy.

However while some Ruglonians are thought to be displeased at the implicit idea that Stan was essentially a Glaswegian his dad, who also had theatrical blood, had managed the city's famous Metropole theatre.

Once "Laurel and Hardy" became famous the pair visited Scotland frequently, and stayed at the Central Hotel in Glasgow - besides visiting Gleneagles.

Like Stan

Bill Crouch saw this in a small town near ljubljana and thought
there was a passing resemblance to Stan.