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An Audiovisual Account of Laurel & Hardy's1952 British Tour

With CD containing a complete recording
of their sketch 'On The Spot'

Spot On book and CD: Level 2 achieved

Thanks to the dedicated worldwide community of Laurel & Hardy fans, we've recently reached level 2 on Kickstarter. This means all backers will receive the promised additional unreleased recording (more details are being kept under our derby for now)!

For those who haven't pledged yet, it isn't too late, as we still have 6 days to go until the crowdfunding campaign closes on December 15. 

We will keep everyone informed about the further progress of the project.

Michael Ehret

Earlier posting

Sailors Beware Tent

Alan "Stan" Chinner, also known as UlverStan, appeared in a skit/play on 3rd December. The Laurel and Hardy skit was part of a charity event. Alan's partner in the skit that they wrote was Graeme "Ollie" Green, along with the help of Stuart Green on vocals and ukulele. They did some magic tricks, sang Honolulu Baby, etc. The event raised over £800 for charity.

Gino Dercola


Leroy Shield/Laurel & Hardy music CD

December 9th is the official release in the United States and Canada of my CD of Leroy Shield/Laurel & Hardy music. Available copies have already been sold for more than 2/3rds. I am very happy about this! 

Anyway, I want to point out, as I see some announcements of sponsored editions of Laurel & Hardy, that with this CD we did not have external funding, and all costs were covered by the record company. This is why every contribution is important! 

 Here are some recent quotes it gained!

 "A great job!" &emdash; Robert Crumb, American cartoonist and musician

"A real delight." &emdash; Glenn Mitchell, The Laurel & Hardy Encyclopedia

"I enjoy it!" &emdash; Richard W. Bann, Author of Laurel & Hardy

 To get your copy, just go to the website below for your country and place your order:

 (Amazon / USA)

(Amazon / CA)

(Amazon / EU)

 Thank you. 

Alessandro Simonetto

Bonnie Scotland Tent at Christmas

There were smiles all round at the Christmas party of the Bonnie Scotland Tent at Kilty Kilty's in Paisley on 3rd December.



Jean Poulain reminds us of three very clever drawings, with more to follow.


Another 'ice' mess

Dianne Gilbert posted the image below on the Laurel and Hardy Forum Facebook page. She wrote: "Last spring the snow was melting off our tin roof and this was the result. Look familiar?"

Blockheads at Christmas

The Blockheads Tent had a Christmas lunch at Cosmo in Edinburgh on 4th December. A departure from the tent's usual yuletide format, this was their first time at the acclaimed restaurant and the venture was a big success for Grand Sheik Charlie Lewis and his team

Thelma Todd

John Bogie came across the above item in the TV Times page for 16th December.

More comments on The Bowler Encore

You are the true master of the universe concerning L&H in writing.

Wolfgang Günther

It's a bit like a big cup in a demitasse (see page 26)! "Fan"- tastic as usual.

Terry Baxter

Oh…… I am savouring every word of every sentence of every paragraph of every article! It is excellent.

Roger Robinson

It really is a BOOK. Boy, you are a master at getting SO much into one publication, and it is all so interesting to any Son

Gino Dercola

Among others, I found particularly interesting the article about Laurel and Hardy locations.

James Beyer

It's a nostalgic trip to the days when Bowler Dessert was still printed. And just like in the old days this one is packed with information.

Marc de Coninck

I've really missed delving into the paper version. I hope more specials will follow.

Stephen Barlow

You might get enough applause on this that you will have to make a few more curtain calls, such as another encore next year!

Eric Schultz

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