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On the radio

I ordered the new book/CD from John Tefteller about L&H on the Radio and on the Phone. It is great.

I would like to point out is that there is a parallel to the other programme, "Mr. Slater's Poultry":

In both shows, Stan and Ollie happen to get in a situation where they are mistaken for other people, whom the other characters are waiting for, when the Boys show up. Without intending to impersonate anyone else, it is assumed that they are these other people. In the first show, they are mistaken for hit men, and the way they talk about how they slaughter chickens is thought of as gangster "shop talk". In this newly discovered recording, they are mistaken for brain surgeons. When they talk about how they do their plumbing work, the other characters think that they are discussing unconventional methods of surgery.

It certainly is a great thing that at this very late date, we are still being able to enjoy "new" Laurel and Hardy performances, which had never been heard by any of us before. I wish that they had been able to have regular appearances on radio shows after they left Fox. Who knows how their careers might have gone after that, and radio work probably wouldn't have been as strenuous as film work. They might even have had more opportunities in film after 1945, had they continued to be in the public "eye" and ear through radio. In any case, it is very nice to be able to have this previously-unknown recording, and enjoy something more of Stan and Ollie.

Eric Schultz

Jim's on track

One of our conventioneers, Jim Cook, had to cancel his convention place, due to having to upgrade his mobility scooter. When the Sons heard about this, they were saddened. Sally Passmore suggested we could all chip in and help him.

So that's what we did. The Sons generously helped out. At the 26th Annual Laurel & HarDay, the target was reached.

The following day, at the Blockheads meeting in Edinburgh, Jim received a Golden ticket to the convention.

Also at the Laurel & HarDay, we sent a birthday card round for Jim (He turns 60). We got a few signatures on it and have since posted it out to him.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible for Jim.

Thanks also to Gordon Davie for presenting the ticket and sharing this video with us...

Now that his convention fee has been raised, the collection will continue. Any further proceeds will help Jim towards his mobility scooter.

Charlie Lewis from the Blockheads Tent is taking over the fundraising, so please now forward any further donations to him. There was £155 over, which we have now transferred to Charlie's new account.

Gary Winstanley


In the press

This is how the local press reported the Laurel and HarDay...

Out and about

The trip to see The Lucky Dog Theatre Company at the Edinburgh Fringe went well. We always expect a great show from them, and we were not disappointed. It was good to meet up with the guys after the show. It's off to Dunoon for some culture on 15th September. We'll be booking a table at The Braes. That same day also sees Dirty Work and The Music Box being shown in the Pollokshaws [Glasgow] Burgh Hall - accompanied by a Wurlitzer Organ no less, as part of the Open Days events.

Janice Hawton in the Cement Mixers Bizarre


A reminder that tickets are still available to see Jeffrey Holland in the play '... and this is my friend, Mr Laurel' in Chelmsford on 6th December and also the film show 'Laurel & Hardy  - the Roach Years' on 15 December.

Paul Harding

Laughing Gravy Tent

At the September tent night meeting, we had a surprise visit from Liam Muldowney and 'the other monkey' Stephen O' Crowley from the Jitterbugs tent in Dublin. Steve Lilley also made an appearance and helped with the loyal toasts. To get good use out of the Caps and Gowns we wore to Ulverston, we showed the film A Chump at Oxford. Mandy presented Jackie Mobbs (our wardrobe mistress) with a chalk board for helping make the costumes. It really was a great night.

John Ullah on Facebook

Quiz mention

In Radio Times recently the question was posed:

Which film comedian was born in Ulverston in 1890?
a. Bob Hope b. Charlie Chaplin c. Stan Laurel.