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Perry Winkled again

The Perry Winkle has arrived on our doorsteps. All the great news about goings on with the Saps at Sea and a few new contributors to the magazine make it another super read.

Contact Roger Robinson


Also a very welcome read is the Birmingham Bark, with much news of the very active Laughing Gravy Tent. Another marvellous publication.

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Jean Darling memorial plaque

An appeal has been launched to raise money for a memorial plaque to be put in Wolfgang Günther's Laurel and Hardy Museum in Solingen. Many Sons met and loved Jean and no doubt would like to donate.

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The donation page is in German, but easy to manage:

TEILNEHMEN = participate

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Stan's home

Mike Jones was in Los Angeles at the end of a cruise and ventured down to Santa Monica to find Stan Laurel's apartment - 2nd floor balcony to the right of the small palm tree and the window next to it. "The doorman confirmed it as he gets asked all the time," says Mike.

Stand by for a full report.

Laurel & Hardy Multimedia Bar, Bradford

We have created a complex which has been nominated for the Civic Design Awards 2017. One of which, we have called the Laurel & Hardy Multimedia Bar showcasing Laurel & Hardy Films and Shorts.

We firmly believe that you would love to see this particular venue, due to our mutual interest in all the things hilarious (the best comedy duo). We also show all forms of sitcoms which have sadly been lost through the ages. Our mission is to bring back and educate those that are too young or those that have forgotten through time. 

 You can find us at

Graham Hall

A visit to the bar is scheduled for this year's UK Sons of the Desert Convention

Chris and slapstick

My local arts centre, the Citadel in St Helens, asked me to do some fund raising. So every even month on the first Thursday at 2pm till 4, I am doing a Slapstick afternoon film show. It's free but we hope for a £5 donation. No licensed bar but free tea or coffee. I can include Buster Keaton and Charlie Chase and Our Gang and Harold Lloyd as well as the Boys.

On the odd numbered months I do a local history film show. I have collected quite a few over the years.

They let me leave the gear there so all I have to take are the DVDs.

This November I celebrate being in the Sons for thirty years. I started in Ronnie Dunn's Come Clean Tent.

Chris Coffey


I'm looking for a singalong we can use at meetings. I thought I'd call it Singalongamel. Stephen Neil all the way down under in Australia is going to help.

Melvin McFadden


Charlie Lewis will be welcoming all at the Blockheads' next meeting, at 2.00pm on Sunday 19th March at The Scots Guards Association Club, 2 Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh (opposite Haymarket Station). Last month's film selection was chosen by Martin Tierney and had a romantic theme as Valentine's Day was approaching. That's My Wife and Beau Hunks were among the chosen movies. The tent has settled very comfortably into its new home.

Saps at Sea

The Saps at Sea Tent had a fine meeting in Southend-on-Sea on 12th March (about 60).