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The Perry Winkle

Issue number 80 of The Perry Winkle has arrived, with a terrific assortment of news and articles (as always!). An annual subscription, for four issues, costs only £12. Contact Roger Robinson.

Special night in Germany

I have to tell you about a show that never was before, I am sure. See, my hometown is very famous also for male choirs. So I insisted for years a project together with singing and film show. On 16th June it happened the "Lange Laurel & Hardy Nacht" started in front of a packed house with about 300 visitors. The conductor of the choir made a programme for the singers with funny songs from the 1920s. We showed a very moving, self-made documentary and four films. I acted as speaker. The show was perfect and lasted 3 hours and 30 minutes and nobody left. For the silent films we had a brilliant piano player. Oliver Richters is a multi talented musician and a specialist for silent films.

The people thanked us later for an unforgettable evening. For me it was a dream of a lifetime.

Wolfgang Günther

At the Panopticon

When the Call of the Cuckoos Tent screened Block-Heads at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall on 6th June, the reception confirmed that it is one of the Boys' best works. The huge audience included visitors from Edinburgh and Aberdeenshire. The next show at the Glasgow venue where Stan Laurel made his debut is on Wednesday 1st August.

Another Fine Fest

Once again, Ulverston came alive on 16th and 17th June with its annual extravaganza. Click here.

Specs for Hans

You will recall our earlier posting about Hans Van Terheijden (below), who has had a progressive eye disease called stargardt, Juvenile Macular Degeneration, since childhood.

An appeal was launched to help finance the purchase of a pair of spectacles which will restore much of Hans's vision. The target of 7,000 Euros was surpassed in a short space of time, thanks to the generosity of Sons, friends and family. Click here to read of Hans's delight.

Blockheads round-up

The Blockheads Tent closed the season off with a fine selection of films and an ample buffet, provided by Pauline and staff at the Scots Guards Club.

Sandy Divine was unfortunately unable to attend so there was ample eats to go round. Kenny McMillan's good lady wife baked a cake for the occasion for which we took a group photo. The cake was delicious. Stuart Williams won the special prize. A box of cards with the 52 top chat-up lines.

We look forward to resuming our tenancy at SGC in the autumn.

 Charlie Lewis

Capital Theatres present Stan & Ollie & Friends

Friday 29th June at 7.30pm
at the Festival Theatre Main Hall, Edinburgh
Running time 120 mins
Price: £14.50

Celebrating masters of comedy Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, pianist Forrester Clifton Pyke accompanies four of their classic shorts: Big Business, Habeas Corpus, Wrong Again and Angora Love. Plus, live music and comedy from Andy Cannon and Wendy Weatherby, and a rare newsreel of Stan and Ollie in Edinburgh!

Three shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Three top Laurel and Hardy shows are coming to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival in August. Click here.

Laurel and Hardy pop-up store

Three Saps went on the pier at Southend to see the opening of the Pop-up store and Trevor Bell took the above photos.

Roger Robinson


Deuces on Talking Pictures TV channel

 Tony Hillman notes that The Flying Deuces will be on TV on Thursday 28th June at 11.20am.

Fin poser

Bill Crouch sent us this unusual postcard from Switzerland. It sent us wondering what film did it illustrate. Any ideas?

Antique Road Trip

 Laurel and Hardy related items are occasionally seen on the various programmes related to antiques and auctions. On 'Antique Road Trip' originally transmitted on 19/10/17 and repeated 7/6/18 near the end of the programme, the expert contestants, Arusha Irvine and Philip Serrell, asked each other which famous person in history they would like to be. Arusha said "Cleopatra" and Philip said "Mark Anthony". Arusha then added that they were more like Laurel and Hardy. This was immediately followed by a preview of the next programme in which Philip is seen opening a door in a very untidy store and when the camera pans inside narrator Tim Woonacott declares that it looks like 'Another Fine Mess'.

Roger Robinson


On 17th June, The Sunday Post could not resist using this heading when Lionel Messi missed a penalty and drew a blank as his country drew in a match in the World Cup.