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2016 International Convention

Gary Winstanley has compiled a photo gallery with hundreds of photos of the International Convention in the Lake District. You can see them at

He has also put together a collection at

Visit these sites and see immediately what a great time was had by all.

Gary will welcome YOUR photos, so please send them to either site for inclusion.

As part of the convention there was an official town twinning ceremony between Stan Laurel's home town of Ulverston, England and Oliver Hardy's home town of Atlanta Georgia, USA.

You can view footage of the ceremony (which was transmitted live via YouTube on Saturday 16th July 2016). Punch in "Sons of the Desert - Twinning Ceremony".The ceremony begins approximately 32 minutes into the video clip.

Blotto event in Italy

The Blotto Tent of Italy has announced a meeting scheduled for this October.

Grand Sheik Giancarlo Manfredini writes, "The Italian Blotto Tent of Sons of the Desert will organize the annual meeting for Sunday, October 2, 2016. The location is at the beautiful Country Golf Club, Cremona Torrazzo (via Castelleone 101 in Cremona) It will be an opportunity to begin the memory of 60 years since the passing of Oliver Hardy. We will dedicate this as our first GOLF tournament - the Oliver Hardy Golf Memorial."

SonDayz returns

After 10 years it's back. THE LAUREL & HARDY SONDAYZ - a two days event in the beautiful centre of Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands.

The organisers say, "The full program will be added to our Facebook page and will be sent to tents and Sons within Europe! A two days event with movies, games, quizzes, The Laurel and Hardy Olympics, dinners, drinks, live entertainment with live bands etc. Check our Facebook page and visit it regularly to stay up to date and to know all about how much it will cost and where you'll be staying during daytime but also while you close your eyes and leave your feet to rest!

 The event will be organised by the Jitterbugs Tent, the Bohemian Girl Tent, the Saps At Sea Tent, and the Them Thar Hills Tent.


Beer treat

Following the recent referendum vote in the UK to leave the European Union, a Sheffield brewery has produced a beer featuring the hapless duo of David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

John Burton

Seeing Glasgow

After the convention in the Lake District, Cliff and Nancy Sawyer (from Worcester, MA) took a trip to Scotland before returning to the USA. They were able to visit some sites associated with Stan Laurel's childhood in Glasgow. Bill Crouch of the Call of the Cuckoos Tent of Glasgow acted as a super tour guide.


At the house in Rutherglen, where Stan and the rest of the Jefferson family lived

At the unmarked grave of Madge Metcalfe (Stan's mother) in Cathcart Cemetery

 On the stage at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall where Stan Laurel made his debut in 1907 (not 1906 as is commonly reported)

McGrath play at Frinton

The programme for the Frinton Summer Theatre includes Tom McGrath's play Laurel and Hardy. Full details are now on the theatre website including booking details. 

Could be a great way of filling the gap while the Men o' War Tent is in summer recess!

Paul Harding

 Some special artwork

Tony Hillman came across some unusual artwork via a friend who works in an art shop. It was supplied by Ian Hughes of The Art Shop in Darlington, whose father Arthur had painted them when he was about twenty years old and who had founded the business.