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That movie again

Daily Express (13.08.18.)

New collectibles coming

Recent Empire magazine

Chase book review

Bill Oates in the Intra-Tent Journal

Iain meets Jeff

Iain Young met up with Jeffrey Holland at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. Jeff was appearing as Stan Laurel in his highly acclaimed one-man show.

Iain is a keen member of the Call of the Cuckoos Tent and is a valuable volunteer at the Panopticon Theatre in Glasgow, where he shares projection duties.

On screen

Just been looking at forthcoming films at the Vue cinema here in Darlo in particular for the new film of the Boys. Imagine my surprise when it came up with a screening of Towed in the Hole and Way Out West on 1st September and The Music Box plus Block-Heads on 24th November. I couldn't find any info about if they were going to any other Vue cinemas but I would imagine they will be.

Just picked up that the Talking Pictures channel (with Laurel and Hardy movies) is now listed in the What's On TV mag.

Tony Hillman

Henry Brandon book recommended

Eric Schultz says, "This is an interesting book!"

Fine reunion

Willie McIntyre reports:

I returned from a few days in a caravan with longstanding Sons Bill Crouch and Alan Ellsworth and went for tea with my wife Pat. Imagine my surprise and delight when someone approached me and asked me if I knew who he was. You could have knocked me down with a baseball bat when he revealed that he was Glynne MacDonald! Glynne was a very prominent member of the Sons of the Desert in Glasgow many years ago and pioneered our internet activities. Glynne has now lived in Australia for many years.

Glynne and Willie

Glynne has lost none of his fondness for Laurel and Hardy and astutely spotted that I was (unintentionally!) sitting in front of a sunburst emblem.

Stan and Shape

We found on Wikipedia a piece which links Stan Laurel with the Oscar winner The Shape of Water:

In sand

This was posted on Facebook, spotted by Bill Cassara.

On the radio

Join Willie McIntyre on Heartland fm on Thursdays at 7.00pm (Back to the 70s) and Fridays at 6.00pm (Spinning the 60s) and at other times. He is also on Bute Island Radio (2.00pm Tuesdays) and Cumbrae Community Radio (2.00pm Saturdays). Laurel and Hardy have been played! All available online.