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2016 International convention

Thus far we have three performances of plays relating to the Boys, the performers being the Lucky Dog duo, Andrew Shepherd, and Jeffrey Holland.

All places have now been filled. Some Sons may be coming up to Ulverston on the Saturday. This is just a reminder that, while they are able to meet and greet delegates in the streets or in the pubs, they cannot join in our events at the Museum or at the Coronation Hall due to all places being taken and paid for.

Chris Coffey

STOP PRESS: one vacancy has arisen on the reserve list for the pre-convention. Anyone interested should contact Roger Robinson.

Intra-Tent Journal

Editor Bill Oates is certainly continuing to make his mark with the new-look Intra-Tent Journal. The latest (Spring 2016) issue has lots of tent news from around the world, plus some great feature articles. There is even the suggestion of the discovery of a Laurel and Hardy film long forgotten!

Contact Bill Oates.



McGrath play

David spotted a bit in the local paper that may be of interest: It's about this year's Frinton Summer Theatre productions. I couldn't find a lot more from their website (it was still listing 2015 productions when I checked) but what we do know (from their Facebook page) is:

Tues 2nd - 6th August


A beautifully funny and touching biopic of two of the world's best loved comedians

Frinton Summer Theatre: If you are a Friend Of Frinton Theatre (in Essex), then you will be able to book in advance by post during May and June. Then the Box office and website will be open between 27 June and 1 July.

Paul Harding


Kids puzzle

Above is an image of a L&H 1930's poster which I received as a birthday present from a friend who bought it in an antiques place.

I am confused about the crying babies in nappies? However, I am delighted with it.

John Bogie


Willie McIntyre: Cracking birthday present. I can see why you are so please with it. I looked Their First Mistake up in Randy Sketdvedt's book, because I had a nagging feeling that I had read something relevant a long time ago. Six babies were at one time planned! The photo in the book shows some of them...


George Cook at 70

Peter Brodie has suggested that all UK tents sign a card for George Cook's 70th Birthday in July. He says, "George's birthday falls on the 14th July and I was hoping we could honour him at the convention, but as he can't go the next best thing would be to perhaps get a load of signed cards from all his pals at the UK tents, as George has been a stalwart at UK conventions for years. These little tributes mean an enormous amount to people."

Willie McIntyre: "That is a great idea and I hope we can all do something to support it. I first met George at the UK Convention in Glasgow in 1987 and we seem to have met just about every year since. He is part of our team!"

The address:

George W Cook,
7810 Clark Road C25,


I just thought of this bit of L&H dialogue:

Stan: "I'm worried about the Saps At Sea Tent."

Ollie: "Why?"

Stan: "I don't think a tent can float in the water."

Ollie: "...Float in the water... Hhmmmmm!"

Eric Schultz