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At the Panopticon

The Call of the Cuckoos Tent will be back with a Laurel and Hardy film show at the Panopticon in Glasgow on Wednesday 8th June. The films start at 7.00pm and doors open at 6.40pm. All are welcome.

This will be the tent's eleventh season at the Panopticon.

The venue has introduced a policy of asking for £5.00 donations at shows (without consulting or informing the tent, by the way!). Proceeds go towards preserving the historic building.

With a new, bigger-than-ever screen, you will laugh your socks off. Please come along.

Britannia Panopticon Music Hall,

113-117 Trongate,

Glasgow, G1 5HD.

To reserve seats please email or call 0141 553 0840. You just reserve seats in advance and pay on the door. Booking is advisable as a full house is anticipated.

Helpmates will be one of the shorts on the screen

Another Fine Fest

A FABULOUS festival celebrating comedy and culture is appealing to the public to help secure a lasting legacy. Another Fine Fest will be returning to Ulverston in June but organisers are petitioning members of the public to dig deep to keep one of the town's most popular festivals afloat. 

Established in 2014, Another Fine Fest brings together some of the area's most talented artists to pound the cobbled streets with a kaleidoscope of comedy, theatre and music.Priding themselves on providing free entertainment for all, organisers are now turning to the public to help them give something back to the town. 

Mark Greenhow, owner of the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Ulverston, said: "Another Fine Fest is as much as possible a free festival. However, there are huge amounts of acts right through the town all day long and there are still costs involved."

Renowned for its festival fever, Ulverston residents have learned to expect a good party and Mr Greenhow believes these celebrations are an essential part of the town's character. He said: "Ulverston is a small town that punches above its weight. We have great festivals that range from the carnival to the lantern festival to the Dickensian, which is wonderful.  There are so many different things happening in Ulverston that bring new people into the town but also offers people who live there the chance to celebrate."

With high-quality performers entertaining crowds throughout the day, Mr Greenhow is eager to raise enough money to give something back. He said: "For the first two years we called in so many favours but we can't keep asking them to play for free.  We need to stop calling in favours from them and start calling on the people who watch."

Another Fine Fest has a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo where people can donate any amount towards the running of the festival on Saturday June 18.

In return, they could receive a hand-painted bowler hat, free entry into the Laurel and Hardy Museum or even free entry for life for Dave Crossley's Comedy at the Coro.

Mr Greenhow added: "Another Fine Fest is a celebration of Stan Laurel's birth and of the town.  We decided we wanted to do something to honour him so we set about starting up this festival of music, art and street theatre. It's just one big day of celebration."

Evening Mail (29.04.16.)

And This is My Friend Mr Laurel

I'm just emailing you from the Epstein Theatre, Liverpool. We have a really exciting show about the lives of Laurel and Hardy "And This is My Friend Mr Laurel" coming here on 21st June.

Log onto

Josh Rowe

Great on YouTube

This YouTube video is excellent to see. It's 28:53 minutes of Laurel and Hardy movie trailers. Thanks to Carrin Hare of The Founding Tent of New York for passing this along.

Gino Dercola

John is making good progress

Popular member of the Call of the Cuckoos Tent, John Bogie says, "The tumour has shrunk. It's no longer active and is just dead tissue. I go back for check-ups every 3 months to begin with."

We are pleased that John intends to be at the June meeting of his tent.

Rail Ale Festival

I went to the Barrow Hill Rail Ale Festival - a great venue for a beer festival with bars located beside steam locomotives and including rides on carriages pulled by a steam locomotive too.


Whilst there, a party of people arrived wearing head wear as per the above photo - I didn't ask any of them why but an afterthought was that they were looking for a train to Pottsville!

John Burton

Programme find

I came across this on the Autographica site, where it's listed as an investment opportunity.

This is the description:

Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy comedy genuine authentic signed programme COA UACC 

An original and complete copy of a Finsbury Park Empire programme dated Monday Feb 1st 1954 and signed on the inside by both Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in blue ink. The programme is complete and the front page and signed page could be mounted separately if need be. All in very good condition and would make a fabulous display.

Tony Hillman