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Silent Laughter Weekend

We have a bit more information about some of the L & H stuff we're showing at Silent Laughter Weekend next month (October 22- till 23), and thought it would be of interest to Sons.

The L & H show, on Saturday 22nd October, is called "Laurel & Hardy: and still they come!" Dave Wyatt is going to be introducing some rare and newly rediscovered footage of Stan and Babe both together and solo. Courtesy of the Cinemeteca Nazionale, we'll be showing the newly rediscovered Stan solo "MONSIEUR DON'T CARE", full of fun and silly gags, as well as Babe supporting Jimmy Aubrey in "MAIDS AND MUSLIN".

We've also got a newly discovered print of THE SECOND HUNDRED YEARS from Robert Youngson's collection which contains some previously unseen footage! We're hoping there will also be time to show another full classic L & H silent, too.

Elsewhere in the programme, we've got L & H connections with the Max Davidson short "PASS THE GRAVY", Edgar Kennedy starring alongside Syd Chaplin in "THE BETTER OLE", and "TRAMP TRAMP TRAMP" starring great comedian and L & H writer Harry Langdon. There are also lots of other goodies including Harold Lloyd, Lupino Lane, Clara Bow and Max Linder.

The event is at London's Cinema Museum. Tickets are £16 per day or £28 for the whole weekend and there's more information at and

Matthew Ross

Two Tars Jubilee Journal

Now that the Two Tars Journal has arrived on our desk, we simply must give it another mention. It is terrific. Wolfgang Günther, Grand Sheik of the Two Tars Tent and owner of the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Solingen, has put together and published a 72-page work of art. The text is in German (of course) but if you have a smattering of understanding of that language, you will easily get the drift. The photos are a joy and this celebratory fiftieth edition is worthy of any serious Laurel and Hardy officionado's attention. Contact Wolfgang Günther.

Our Gang book

Irv Hyatt, Grand Sheik of the Blotto Tent of New Jersey, has produced another in a long series of books he has put out in the past several years. This one is about Our Gang. It's a paperback and has 100 pages. It is available on Amazon.

Fellow Son, Ray Valinoti, wrote the book "Another Nice Mess: The Laurel and Hardy Story" back in 2010. Ray is a member of the Founding Tent of New York. The book is now available as an ebook. Below is information on it.

Gino Dercola

Then and now

Chris Bungo has put out a wonderful compilation (below) of "then and now" film sites for stars such as Laurel and Hardy, Our Gang, Charley Chase, and others. (I have to say that my favorite is the "Perfect Day" video.)

Chris is a member of the Going Bye-Bye Tent of Miami, Florida, and in fact he lives in Miami. He attended a meeting at the New York City Founding Tent earlier this year. He also attended the Sons of the Desert International Convention in Hollywood in 2014. I asked Chris if he might tell Sons the process he uses to do his wonderful YouTube videos and he was NICE enough to describe it, as follows:

The youtube videos are created on my laptop. All I need is the wonderful Beau Hunks Leroy Shield music (stored on my laptop), the clips from the films I am going to use (I preselect those months in advance) and the "now" photographs that I take on my (approximately) twice a year visits to Los Angeles. Most of the time that it takes to make these is in the "pre-production" phase, where I go through the films to pick out the scenes that were filmed on location, and then I need to do research to actually find those locations. Fortunately, with the internet, I can access old Los Angeles and Culver City telephone directories, maps and photo archives right from Miami, so that makes things much easier. I also have a small network of location experts (John Bengtson, Marc Wanamaker, Jim Dallape and Robert Winslow have all been very gracious in giving me assistance in the past when I get stuck trying to identify a location).

Gino Dercola

Oliver Hardy Festival - October 1, 2016 

Organisers are geared up for the best festival ever! 90% of the vendors are real artists at their trade! Expect beautiful handcrafted jewellery, awesome repurposed furniture and other woods, ornaments, candles, jellies, jams, honey and a live hive on exhibit! 10% will be delicious BBQ, funnel cakes, shrimp & grits, crepes, ribbon fries, blooming onions and a variety of food trucks, from Ausburg Haus German cuisine to Checkers & Chich-Fil-A! Don't forget to locate Goodheart's Soft Serve Homemade ice cream near the museum and of course, fresh lemonade! 200 vendors! Goats' milk soaps, balms, lotions, Cars, Cars, Cars, parade, horses, cork gun games and everyone wins! Yard art for holidays, mantle wreaths, door wreaths, bird houses, bee catchers, the Masonic Lodge CHIPS program, boiled peanuts, baked goods, kettle corn! Fantastic live music on two different stages! See you next Saturday, October 1st, from 9-5!

An old chestnut

Some years ago, someone spread a false rumor about Stan Laurel secretly being the father of a more current-day movie star/director. There was never anything that anyone could point to in order to try to substantiate the phony story, but you know how false rumors spread. Before long, people will repeat such nonsense as "facts". Anyway, I came across this cartoon online, which refers to the phony story, and it's pretty funny.

Eric Schultz

And finally

Contrasting chair widths during the filming of The Fighting Kentuckian, spotted by Richard Smith.

Richard also sent us the following tantalising photo of a few famous faces at the White House. We would love to know more about it!