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Intra-Tent Journal

The Intra-Tent Journal has a new website at Says editor Bill Oates, "I just hope it is helpful as an add-on to the magazine. I especially like the fact that I can include video links (like the YouTubes of the Pathe interview and the "found' Flying Deuces footage). You can't do that with a magazine. Plus I can have a spot for the many colour photos I am sent but cannot fit."


Busy Bodies Tent has newspaper mention

Laurel and Hardy made several visits to the Black Country in the 1950s. Legendary funnymen Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy still have a legion of fans, many decades after their films were made.

The monthly meetings of the Midlands branch of the Laurel and Hardy Society have now restarted after the midsummer break and members and friends will be meeting again to view a selection of short films featuring the timeless comedy duo. The day of the meetings has been changed from Tuesday to Thursday but will continue to take place in the Cricket Pavilion at Stourbridge Football Club's ground at Amblecote, starting at 8pm.

Meetings take place on the last Thursday of every month (excluding December) and admission price is just £1. All interested persons are welcome and do not need to be society members.

Bugle readers will know that the pair made many appearances on stage in the Black Country in the 1950s.

Black Country Bugle (23.10.16.)


In the press

John Burton sent us a link to a fine article about Laurel and Hardy and their visits to Sheffield. It was in a free local magazine. 


Here is an eye-catching lobby card for a film with Hardy, but without Laurel. It paired Oliver Hardy with Harry Langdon in 1939. Hal Roach said of the movie, "It was a louse," but the film does have undoubted charm.


A freaky quiz

In Bowler Dessert 34, Steve Mullin listed some freak endings and asked readers to name the film in question. We revive it today to celebrate Halloween! The answers appear at the foot of this page.

1. Laurel and Hardy have their legs broken off and tied around their necks.

2. Stan is miniaturised and pops out of an egg.

3. Ollie turns into a monkey.

4. The Boys end up looking and sounding like each other.

5. Ollie "comes back" as a horse.

6. Stan and Ollie have their heads twisted around.

7. Stan is sucked down a plug- hole.

8. Stan balloons out of shape after drinking some water.

9. The Boys are turned into a pair of human skeletons.

10. Our heroes are turned into a dwarf and a spindly giant.

11. Stan and Ollie are actually killed.

Steve also drew the sketch opposite of Stan and Ollie.

Who's there?

If you can identify the above photograph, you have a marvellous memory. It shows, left to right, Willie McIntyre, Alan Ellsworth, Bill Crouch and Janice Hawton at the UK Convention in Haydock in 1991. My how we have changed!

Freaky quiz answers

1. Going Bye Bye

2. A-Haunting We Will Go

3. Dirty Work

4. Thicker Than Water

5. The Flying Deuces

6. The Live Ghost

7. Come Clean

8. Below Zero

9. The Bullfighters

10. The Bohemian Girl

11. The Midnight Patrol