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2018 International Sons of the Desert Convention

Registration for the Convention is not open yet. However, you can read the tentative event itinerary here:

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Influence of Stan

Either the writers of Father Ted in general, or Ardal O'Hanlon in particular, based the character of Dougal McGuire on Stan Laurel. I think it was to do with the dumb expressions Dougal adopted when Ted spoke to him.

And, it's a well-known fact that Ray Alan based Lord Charles's face on Stan.

Martin Tierney

In good company

Here's a shot that my son took of me in my room. If you look around the shot, you'll see the new Bowler Encore and a few other familiar covers.

Eric Schultz


Ornament looking for new home

One of my friends has a statue that he is wishing to sell. He'd prefer if it went to someone within the Sons of the Desert community to ensure it gets a good home.

Any offers can be sent to David Todd at

Charlie Lewis


Hats Off more likely

One comment about the Hats Off Sightings piece in The Bowler Encore (page 84). I know you were just quoting someone on the internet, but why on earth would L&H be given a clip from their current release Chickens Come Home or similar?. Randy's updated book has the same picture (above) with the story about it being Hats Off, so I think I'd go with Randy's version.

David Wyatt

  • Ed: I have to concur, Dave!

Chimp Tent

The Chimp Tent of Cincinnati, Ohio, continues to be one of the most creative tents in the Sons of the Desert. As an example, they create trailer videos for their next tent meetings. Of course, they are going to host the 21st International Convention of the Sons of the Desert in July, 2108.

Below is the trailer link for their next meeting:

And here is a link to their website - note they even have a countdown clock for their next meeting:

Gino Dercola

Stamp it out

Just been rereading the Bowler Dessert Online update with the joke about the Christmas stamp - Mary on keyboards and Joseph doing the vocals. I was highly amused by this but can't help thinking that some people might have been offended, so I hope you didn't end up on Santa's naughty list. I'd hate to think that he did something nasty down your chimney...

Gordon Davie