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Chris steps down from Intra-Tent Journal


I am retiring as the compiler of the European News column for the Intra-Tent Journal. I am handing over the baton to Marc De Coninck, whose email is Please send him your news by end of September for the column for the next issue. 

It is most unlikely I will be attending any more Conventions, be they U.K., European, or International, or any event involving an overnight stay or evening travel for that matter.

I am not quite retiring. I hope to have the time to...

I still have over 100 VHS tapes and audio cassette tapes owned and compiled by Bill Cubin which I need to catalogue and copy to DVD and other digital formats.

My friends who run an internet only radio station still want me to produce a weekly hour-long Laurel and Hardy show, and I have plenty of ideas for that. With its world wide reach, that will be fun.

I hope to produce a website devoted to the history of all L&H Conventions, U.K., European, and International (following on from Savanna Furman's book on the Internationals). It will also take in the annual Laurel and Hardays and the annual Oliver Hardy Festivals, etc. If you find any suitable photos or have any personal memories you would like to share, please contact me.  

Ciao, Auf Wiedersehen und viel Glück, Au Revoir, we're going now.

Chris Coffey

This is a bit of a shock, Chris. I am sure that we will stay in contact via emails etc and the occasional days out.
You have, as we all know, made an enormous impact on the Sons of the Desert and deserve a break, of course, but it is reassuring that you will still have an involvement. Best of luck with all your coming endeavours and be sure to enjoy them all. And thanks for all your great support.

Willie McIntyre

Chris at this year's
Laurel and HarDay
in Wigan