Laurel and Hardy
and the
Sons of the Desert
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Bowler Dessert Online

Music Box


Jim Connors has put together a digitally cleaned and repaired version of The Music Box and he is keen to share this improved version with as many Sons of the Desert as possible.

John Ullah is full of praise for Jim's work and he comments, "I cannot believe that the quality of the box set DVD is so bad compared to your own, [Jim]. Where have all the white spots and marks gone to? Can't wait to show it on the big screen."

Bowler Dessert Online is also over-awed!

Jim says, "I have this version available for download on my site as an mpeg2 file so it can be viewed on a large screen via a usb device or the mpeg2 could be converted to dvd if that is the preferred method."

His site is here:

Jim explains, "This is a simple page for my Digitally cleaned and repaired 'Non Hancock' projects. I also uploaded to YouTube for people to see but this does lose a lot of quality when they resize and compress it. Go to My idea was to provide a cleaner version than is available to the public. I'm a life-long fan myself so I did this at first for myself but I wanted it to be shared and enjoyed with like-minded fans. The download from the site is the better quality... People can grab it from there."

Well done, Jim! And thanks for sharing.