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Early to Bed Tent closes




Although the Sons is not a formal organisation, nevertheless, I should like to formally announce the closure of the Early to Bed Tent of Chesterfield, Oasis 193.

The tent was foundered in Ulverston on 16th June 1995 during the wonderful Ulverston Carnival. I was given invaluable advice and encouragement from the late Bill Cubin, Willie McIntyre, Eric Woods and John Burton, amongst others. The tent held monthly meetings , and after only 32 meetings we had shown ALL available Laurel and Hardy films. So, we started again!

We introduced young people to the joys of Laurel and Hardy, we supported charities and the Statue Appeal, and we all had a swell time along the way.

I should like to thank everyone who attended meetings, and supported the tent. We had many visitors from other tents, amongst them my good friends Dave Tomlinson, Tony Bagley, Bob Hickson, Neil Williams, Chris Coffey and Norman Leigh. The prize for the longest distance travelled to an Early to Bed meeting goes to Roger Robinson and Laurie Young from the Saps of Southend!

Although Anni and I have been absent from recent conventions due to personal circumstances, we still attend Sons events when possible, and, of course, will continue to do so. We look forward to seeing all our friends in the Sons soon, but, for the Early to Bed Tent, there isn't any more!

Grahame Morris, Grand Sheik

I had a feeling of great loss when I read Grahame's note. The Early to Bed Tent was an outstanding tent for numerous years. Grahame was a prolific contributor to Bowler Dessert and always had something worth saying as well as being regularly amusing and never irrelevant. Grahame and Anni for many years updated and maintained the British Isles Tent Listing on Bowler Dessert and on the online version - a difficult and demanding task.

I take some comfort in still seeing Grahame and Anni from time to time and they were at the Laurel and HarDay in Wigan in September, so we have not heard the last from them, to be sure.

Meanwhile, many thanks for all your support, Grahame and Anni.

Willie McIntyre