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Europe - in or out?


Britain is on the brink. Do we stay in Europe or say 'goodbye'. In a few days the decision will have been made and we can go back to having some decent programmes on the television rather than having to listen to all those 'trustworthy' politicians.

Like other British Sons, I am weighing everything up. It reminds me of when I am a contestant in Eric Woods' quiz. I give it lots of thought and then get it completely wrong.

But there are some factors that I am taking into account. On the one hand, if we come out of Europe, then hopefully we don't have to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Australia could take our place though, as it is apparently in Europe. And on the other foot, if we come out of Europe, are we allowed to continue playing in Euro 2016 Football tournament? Of course, we could diplomatically withdraw or just get knocked out like we always do.

More importantly, can the UK still participate in the European Sons of the Desert Conventions? And if we can't, who will take Eric Woods' place as quizmaster? Marc de Coninck has been planning the next European Convention in Belgium. He has promised, and will deliver, a great Convention with lots of Belgian ingredients such as chocolate, beer, waffles and, to top it all off, Brussels sprouts?

Well, whatever the outcome of the vote, I am going to make sure that I go the European Convention even if I have to use forged documents to attend. I think this plan will work providing Monsieur Poirot is not around.

Rogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Robinson