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Magnolia's Musings


I wondered whether I could be so bold as to bring to your attention a little blog of mine which deals with many films from the Hal Roach studios?

The blog is still in its infancy, but I aim to "review" lots of black and white comedy shorts. Part of the fun for me in doing this, and what might be interesting for other fans, is that I always aim to write really detailed synopses of all the films that I review, and I provide a HUGE amount of screenshots (which I always capture myself from my DVD collections).

I always put a review section in which is deliberately unpolished and unacademic - just my random thoughts about films as they occur!

Anyway, I hope that it may be enjoyable to you and other Sons - if my waffle is too much to bear, at least the screenshots might be fun!

I've got a tab on the blog called "Films Reviewed" which showcases comedy shorts (16 in all at present) and another tab called "Appreciation Day" - a monthly treat where I designate a day to a particular Roach comedienne and write a mini biography about them. It's all a bit of fun and nothing too serious.

The blog also has a twitter you can follow: @MagnoliaMusing

Finally, as to why it's called Magnolia's Musings - my pen name is "Magnolia" which I stole from Patsy Kelly, who would sometimes use the catchphrase with Thelma Todd "What do I get? Magnolia!". I take "Magnolia" to mean 'Nothing' or 'something bland', so what you essentially get in my blog is "Nothing's Musings" - in other words, the irrelevant thoughts of someone who doesn't know much!! Just another tongue-in-cheek joke which proves the blog doesn't take itself too seriously.

 I'm hoping to just keep writing and writing over the years, so hopefully, the blog might grow and grow with content and lots of films from the studio we love so much.

Best wishes,

Steve Orman

Bowler Dessert Online heartily recommends this work of art and we congratulate Steve on his ingenuity.

We have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot of this blog in the future.