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Nancy Wardell RIP


I was saddened to hear that Nancy Wardell passed away [on 23rd June]. Nancy was instrumental in starting the Brats Tent in Sheffield. She attended our inaugural meeting in 1988 along with Bill Cubin (see photo above), and attended a number of Tent meetings thereafter.

She was also our guest of honour at the 1999 UK Convention organised by the Tent where she was a focal point for Sons throughout.

When Nancy started the UK Sons of the Desert Charity, which she ran selflessly for many years, it brought Sons together to support numerous worthy causes over the years

She was a lovely lady and will be sadly missed by Sons across the world

John Burton

Sad news has reached me that Nancy Wardell, Stan Laurel's second cousin, has passed away. Those of you that met her will know that she was a lovely lady, proud of her family, a fine ambassador of the Sons of the Desert and who administered the Laurel & Hardy Charity Fund, raising a lot of money for worthy causes.

I understand that she was in hospital and had not been well for some time.

Roger Robinson

I first met Nancy in Ulverston in the 1970s. It was always a pleasure to meet her again and again over the years and especially to chat about the Laurel and Hardy Charity Fund. She diligently updated readers of Bowler Dessert with all the charitable activities involved, totalling many thousands of pounds raised by countless supportive tents and individuals.

We loved Nancy and she loved being part of our society. We are going to miss her.

Willie McIntyre