Laurel and Hardy
and the
Sons of the Desert
are at the heart of
Bowler Dessert Online

New book:
Like Two Peas in a Pod


Having spent the last fifteen years researching and writing about Laurel & Hardy "appearances" in animation, comic-books and advertising, we now turn our attention to people who have dressed up as them on the stage, in theatre and pantomime, as meet & greet acts, in burlesque, circus and street performance and more. These range from the early 1930's to 2018, and cover most countries of the world.

We also take a look at the many variations of the Tom McGrath play, as well as multiple versions of The Killing of Sister George.

Presented in themed chapters with hundreds of illustrations, trivia and reviews, we take an in-depth look at the many stage plays performed over the years that talk about aspects of their lives and work.

This book also has interviews and comments from some of the actors mentioned, including Bill Leavy & Jamie McKenna, Jeffrey Holland, Mike Goodenough, Barry Stoltze, Simon Baker, Andrew Craig Shepherd, George Mazzey Snr, Stan Slade, Phillip Hutchinson and Peter Duncan, and many feature photographs from their personal collections.

With a foreword by Dave Tomlinson, and end word by Jeffrey Holland, this is a fine addition to any Laurel and Hardy book collection, measuring 9x7 inches and over 500 pages.

Antony Mitchell-Waite