Laurel and Hardy
and the
Sons of the Desert
are at the heart of
Bowler Dessert Online

New tent in Cambridgeshire:

The Another Fine Mess Tent


We have a brand new tent in the UK:


Norman Newboult,
25 High Sttreet,
CB6 3PQ.


They sent this message:

I have converted our garage into a cinema styled on the 1930's/1940's period running 16mm films from vintage projectors.  Friends and neighbours come round with a bottle and bag of popcorn and watch a movie then have a natter. It has turned into a regular social do. We have also a small pub in the garden styled on the 1920's/1930's period where folks wander off to during the intermission. Until a week ago I had not heard of a Laurel and Hardy tent but now we are .all excited at the prospect of becoming a Sons of the Desert tent. We have some interesting pubs in the area that may be agreeable.

Bowler Dessert Online bids an enthusiastic welcome to this new oasis. We wish you lots of success.