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Norwich Convention:

Waiting list UPDATE


UK L & H CONVENTION 2018 IN NORWICH - possible last minute vacancies?

After our rapid sell-out for the Convention, we have held a 'Reserve List'. Inevitably some people have to drop out after initially booking. This morning there were two cancellations creating two vacancies. These places have been taken by the remaining two Sons on the list. This has meant that we have been able to accommodate the 13 people who were all on the Reserve List.  So our numbers are still at our maximum of 143 attendees occupying our allocated 76 bedrooms.

It could be that we have some late cancellations, which is not ideal, but in the words of Stan "It could happen".  If there are any Sons who have not previously contacted me but would like to go on the Reserve List just in case a vacancy occurs - please contact me ASAP -  I would hate for anyone to say "If only I had known".

Rogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Robinson