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Spot On!

Reviewed by Willie McIntyre



Now that Spot On! has arrived, we can digest, savour and study this work of art and surely marvel at it.

When reading it in detail, I had the sensation of going through a moving (and slightly spooky) experience rather than simply reading a book and listening to a CD. The book is certainly unique and is devoted entirely to Laurel and Hardy's tour of Britain in 1952. OK, other writers have touched on this subject before, but not in the same depth and with such thoroughness. The quality of some of the photographic reproductions is amazing and the text is easy on the eye and totally engrossing.

The book warns us that the quality of the sound on the accompanying CD is not perfect. It is a worthwhile adjunct, however, and does make the package more complete.

Am I left with a feeling of having been with the Boys during part of their 1952 tour? Why, yes, and the book certainly leaves me with a sense of being with the author (and his cohorts) in tracking down artifacts associated with an important part of the Laurel and Hardy story.

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