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Hello, fellow Laurel & Hardy fans!

I've got big news to report: a brand-new Laurel & Hardy book is now available for preorder through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter: Laurel & Hardy: Spot On! (Book & CD).

As (some of) you may know, but many others may not, I have uncovered a one-of-a-kind audio recording of Laurel & Hardy performing live on stage during their 1952 British tour. It's not just a snippet, but the complete sketch, called 'On the Spot', running approximately 20 minutes.

If we succeed in reaching our crowdfunding goal by December 15, the book will be available in a beautiful hardcover edition (in colour) with over 130 glossy pages, filled to the brim (or spine) with rare images such as tour snapshots, stage photos, letters, scripts, and much, much more. Of course a CD with the restored recording will also be included. The combination of book and CD will allow fans to (re)discover what Laurel & Hardy were like on tour. It's the next best thing to actually having been there!

You won't be disappointed!

Feel free to share and pass on this message. If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks in advance for your support, and... keep spotting Laurel & Hardy!


Michael Ehret & Nico Cartenstadt

An Audiovisual Account of Laurel & Hardy's 1952 British Tour

With CD containing a complete recording of their sketch 'On The Spot'

Filled with many rare and previously unpublished full-page photographs, Spot On! recounts Laurel & Hardy's 1952 British stage tour step by step using original letters, photographs, press releases, and much, much more.

Featuring new essays written by well-known Laurel & Hardy scholars and collectors.

Furthermore, this book reproduces, for the very first time, all surviving script versions of their 1952 stage sketch On the Spot, including extracts from Oliver Hardy's own copies. These allow the reader to discover the many changes Stan Laurel made in the course of the tour.

The icing on the cake is the world premiere of the only known audio recording of Laurel & Hardy performing On the Spot live, illustrated with pictures showing the boys onstage and backstage! Needless to say that this book fills an important gap in Laurel & Hardy history.

Full details are at…/laurel-and-hardy-spot-on-book…