Laurel and Hardy
and the
Sons of the Desert
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The Perry Winkle



Willie McIntyre


Why do I consider The Perry Winkle to be the best Laurel and Hardy magazine around? It isn't because its editor Roger Robinson gives me a whole page of each issue to write about anything that comes into my head (but that does help!). The quarterly magazine always has sixteen A4 glossy pages, in full colour throughout. It is a splendid mix of articles about Laurel an Hardy and their films and a regular update on activities of one of the busiest tents around - the Saps at Sea of Southend.

The latest issue is number 72. The front page (and the second page) tells the engrossing story of an autograph book once owned by Peggy Harris. The book contains the signatures of not only Laurel and Hardy but also of dozens of other contemporary stars.

Next up is a very scholarly article by Eric Schultz regarding how Laurel and Hard films have turned up - some believed to have been lost forever and some simply not known by us to exist! It is a very detailed and accurate account, which we can refer to again and again.

The magazine always has a letters page in which readers can air their views, called "Another Fine Message".

Dave Wyatt is a regular contributor to The Perry Winkle and his page "Duck Soup" this time answers anyone who has wondered what first made Dave interested in collecting Laurel and Hardy movies. Dave also discussed a book called "Lame Brains & Lunatics".

Dave Dearle gives a blow-by-blow account of a visit by three Saps to Prato in Italy for a Laurel and Hardy event hosted by Alessandro Santi of the Blockheads Tent.

"Sweet Memories of Harry Lauder gives Roger Robinson an opportunity to examine in detail the connection between this internationally acclaimed Scots music hall star and our own heroes Mr L and Mr H, who are pictured visiting Harry in Scotland.

Willie Small has a delightful article on his friendship with Mae Busch, with quite a lot of information which we certainly did not know till now!

Mimo is another regular writer for The Perry Winkle and in this issue he extols the virtues of Oliver Hardy, claiming - quite rightly - that he was a man of many talents beyond his considerable acting prowess.

If you have been one of those tortured soles who constantly torment your brain and that of other Sons with trying to recall what UK Convention occurred where and when, you will find a list of all thirty-six UK Conventions for you to refer to whenever you need answers. You will find it only in The Perry Winkle!

"Cockles and Mussels" is one of my favourite pages in each Perry Winkle. This time we learn about forthcoming Saps' meetings, a convention coming to Kent in October, and Ron Stockoe at the age of ninety.

As I have often said, I recommend this magazine wholeheartedly. A subscription for four issues costs only £12.00. Contact Roger Robinson.