Laurel and Hardy
and the
Sons of the Desert
are at the heart of
Bowler Dessert Online


3rd September 2016


Our Relations Fortunes, an ingenious variation (by Jack Winstanley) on the TV game Family Fortunes,
was a hilarious highlight of this year's Laurel and HarDay.

The Carter family made a brave and entertaining team...

But the game was won by the Jupiter family, who seemed delighted with their prize of a tin of beans!
Ian Parker (MC) with Bill Bailey, Matthew Cooper, Joanne Mitchell-Waite and Kevin Hepplestone

Victorious in the Annual Quiz (from Eric Woods) was a team representing the host Dirty Work Tent:
Bill Bailey, Jonathan Hayward, Gary Winstanley and Neil Evans

Winner of the Kneesie-Earsie-Nosey Competition and therefore World Champion was Edward of the Dirty Work Tent

Wasn't it great to see Ronnie and Cindy Dunn?
Ronnie founded the Come Clean Tent of Widnes in 1987 and was a very active and popular Son of the Desert for many years.
He has been absent from Sons activities for some time, but otherwise he hasn't changed a bit! Welcome back.