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2019 UK Convention

At our meeting at the hotel the other evening, the events manager told us they had recently had their fire health & safety inspection, the results of which have led to an increase in the main room capacity.

Therefore, we are happy to be able to offer a few more places and have already contacted those at the top of our reserve list. Top of the list was Matthias Gunther & Peter Kuppers. Both have confirmed they will be joining us.

Exclusive news from Ross

I've been in talks with the BBC for a couple of years now with regards to them showing Laurel and Hardy on TV again. The good news is, when the Stan & Ollie biopic eventually screens on BBC television they WILL compliment it with some screenings of Laurel and Hardy films. Mission accomplished. Something to look forward to. The boys are back.

Ross Owen

Advance screening of Stan & Ollie

There will be a special VIP screening of Stan & Ollie on Sunday 6th January at 7pm at Showcase Cinema Glasgow AKA Showcase Bailieston/Coatbridge. Celebrities will be in attendance as will some cast and crew. All seats have been taken. Ross Owen warns, "The press and a film crew will also be there filming, so don't turn up with someone you shouldn't be with!"

Star quote about Stan & Ollie movie

For weeks they rehearsed those routines in private or with choreographer Toby Sedgwick who helped devise the new routines. But it wasn't until the first filmed performance, with 400 extras filling a vintage theater, that Reilly says something clicked and he knew he [John C Reilly] and Coogan had gone beyond the mannerisms and makeup and fully transformed into the spirit of their characters.

"|'ll never forget it," he [John C Reilly] says. "I had this moment where I looked out and this woman, her eyes were just full of joy, just laughing out loud at our act. She wasn't laughing because she was in a movie or she loved Laurel and Hardy. She was laughing because the simple joyful gags that these guys used we used and they still worked."

The San Bernardino County Sun (23.12.18.)


I am not a great lover of Christmas shopping, but this week I thought I ought to get it over and done with and went to Chelmsford. As often happens, I found myself in Waterstones book shop browsing. No there wasn't anything suitable for my wife Anne, but something caught my eye!

I love travel writers, especially if they have a sense of humour and Tim Moore is one of my favourites. The title, the cover and the challenge he undertook were all appealing. Of course I bought myself a copy and will join him in his travel in the Tin Lizzie over the Christmas holiday. I haven't read any of it yet, but this review on Amazon looks as though I am in for a first-class adventure.

This is a splendid work - a thoroughly enjoyable and informative read. Current fans of Tim Moore will not be disappointed and it deserves to win him new followers. The book skips along at a lively pace, a rewarding mix of travelogue, social observation, humour and respect - painting a memorable picture of the heartlands of the US, dusty and rusty, peopled by good, caring folk who spice their homespun charm and good manners with a predilection for guns, god and Trump.

Roger Robinson


On the radio

A repeat of Stan Laurel's Glasgow will be aired on New Year's Day at 1.05pm on BBC Radio Scotland. It looks at the city in the 1900s through Stan's eyes.

Nice idea

Eric Schultz likes this.

So do we.


Be Big Tent

At our December meeting 26 people watched the seasonal offerings of "Big Business" and "Below Zero" (in colour) along with the the magicians' routine from "Hollywood Revue of 1929" (a first time showing for this rarity at our tent meetings) and L&H bits from "Hollywood Party".

The never-ending raffle raised £45 for tent funds and every member received a Be Big! Tent diary courtesy of Austin Stigwood and a 2019 L&H calendar. The potato pie supper was enjoyed by all.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 21 January 2019 at Ashton under Lyne Cricket Club. Film show begins at 8.00pm. All welcome.

Due to planned building work at the cricket club some of our dates for 2019 may change at short notice so watch this space.

Dean Carroll

And finally