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The movie Stan & Ollie has been nominated for 7 British Independent Film Awards, including, Steve Coogan (Lead Actor), Nina Arianda (Supporting Actress) and Faye Ward (Breakthrough Producer), who put this show on the road.

Seven months to go and we passed the hundred mark!

To be exact on November 2nd, 107 sons and daughters had registered for the 13th European Convention of the Sons of the Desert. All of them will be Very Important Persons to us, the hosting Perfect Day Tent, but especially important of course are Bill Leavy and James McKenna, impersonators of Stan and Ollie, who will entertain all of us with their business and routines.

Bram Reijnhoudt


In the press

Here's an article that appeared in the Sunday People (and the Mirror online). I originally checked the article for any mistakes, but the Editor wanted to expand it to two pages. So they added a few lines. Thus the errors. Ollie from New York (what!) and the wrong date Charlie left Birmingham. Still, good publicity for the boys and our tent.…/laurel-hardys-secret-third-man-1…

John Ullah

Ulverston's Dickensian Festival

The Dickensian Festival in Stan Laurel's hometown Ulverston is one of the most popular Dickensian Festival events in the country. It attracts thousands of people, who savour the wonderful atmosphere of a traditional market town in the Dickensian era. There is always a Sons of the Desert presence!

November till 24th and 25th
Markets from 10am till 4pm
Music events in pubs all day

The Ross Owen Show

On The Ross Owen Show is an exclusive feature on the movie Stan & Ollie. Ross's guests include Steve Coogan (Stan Laurel), John C Reilly (Oliver Hardy), Shirley Henderson (Lucille Hardy), Nina Arianda (Ida Laurel), director Jon S Baird and Stan Laurel's great granddaughter Cassidy Cook.

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Blockheads Tent (Edinburgh)

Those of you who regularly watch Pointless would have witnessed a former diehard Blockheads Tent member, namely, Diane Dootson. She and her hubby Charlie were regular attendees during our stint at the Tollbooth Tavern in the early days of the tent.

The year is fast drawing to a close so we shall be arranging the buffet for our Xmas meeting. Be sure to mark in your diary the Blockheads Xmas film show - Sunday 2nd December. Pauline will be supplying a magnificent buffet once more.

Charlie Lewis


 Bonnie Scotland Tent (Paisley)

We have a meeting in December on the 12th (at the Tartan Rose), and don't forget, on what could be a busy weekend for us, our Christmas meal is on Saturday 12 January, in Kilty Kiltys. The idea is to book the table for 2pm. There will be a quiz and raffle - where all the prizes are mystery ones.

Janice Hawton

Nice pic

I came across this pic on Facebook. Such a brilliant photo. So natural, presumably during the tours. I see a hundred photos a month on Facebook but this stood out.

Glynne Macdonald


Laurel and Hardy act

Me and my mate went to the Edinburgh Fringe with a 45 minute show I wrote based on the lives on and off screen of Stan and Babe. 

It was only a 63 capacity basement venue, in the morning and a walk from the Royal Mile, but it got good numbers and we've been asked by the venue organisers to go back next year to play two weeks this time and in a much bigger venue.

More than anything I was struck by the warmth we received as Laurel and Hardy dressed up going to and from the venue and up the Royal Mile.

What we would really like to do is perform our act in England, Scotland .... anywhere. We both love Laurel and Hardy and to make a living or at least a partial living doing it would be our dream.

Any pointers?

Dave (Stan) Shaw

Ollie's inspiration on Pepper

As a companion to my post on Facebook about the gent who has over 2,000 copies of the Beatles' "White Album", there's a fellow who has sourced all of the photos of the "audience" on the cover of "Sgt. Pepper". Turns out the drawing of Ollie is taken from a figurine.

Randy Skretvedt on Facebook