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Cassidy says

On behalf of my late grandmother, Lois Laurel Hawes, and the Laurel family! My grandmother spent her entire life supporting the legacy of the Boys on her own dime. She always told me it was important to keep their spirits alive. That the world needed The Boys, and we had a responsibility to make sure people knew the truth.

Over the years there have been hundreds of books written. The movie written by the brilliant Jeff Pope is another interpretation of the friendship based on one time period in their life. It is a love story and shows the love between the Boys! The brilliance that was their magic, he shows how dedicated and talented my great grandfather was and truly loved his work - further how he truly enjoyed working with, as he called him, Babe. They were the best of friends and became even closer on their tours, of which there were many… It was beautifully directed by John Baird, and Steve Coogen and John C Reilly did an exceptional job portraying the likeness.

I believe my grandmother would be very proud of how they portrayed the likeness, she was very protective of it... We do have to remember gramma was not a consultant on it and they did not use any of the family archives in the writing to support the movie. It is a beautiful interpretation which we are happy to see Hollywood run with. It allows The Boys to be seen on the big screen again and if this makes the younger generations seek out their original films from Hal Roach studios, and take interest, well then I feel it's done its justice.

My great granddad had always intended my grandmother to write his biography. He left her the blue prints in his own words, along with treasures troves of his personal pictures journals and supporting documents - all of which I am now in control of and working on what I hope will one day be on the big screen as their true biography in their own words, only a story the family could tell.

So stay tuned, go see this movie and share in the love and laughter that has always been the magic of the Boys!

Oh behalf of the Laurel family, Cassidy Cook on Facebook

Laughing Gravy Tent

We had a great turnout of over 100 people at our first Laughing Gravy Tent meeting of the year. We had three 10 year members - Don, Alan and Martin. After watching Leave Em Laughing, we presented them each with a souvenir from the film itself (as well as a 10 year medal and certificate). Don had a door knob attached to a piece of string. Alan had a bottle of 'ether' with some cotton wool. And Martin had his head wrapped in a bandage!


Ken Dodd: How Tickled We Were

This 75 minute tribute to Ken Dodd, who died in March 2018, was shown on BBC2 on Boxing Day. It contained lots of archive clips, many personal anecdotes by fellow entertainers and his widow, Lady Anne Dodd. There were camera close ups of two Laurel and Hardy statues, one in the garden and one inside his home in Knotty Ash. There was no mention as such of the Boys, but seeing these statues was enough to remind us that Ken Dodd thought that they were the 'Kings of Comedy'.

Roger Robinson

On the telly

Here is an interesting segment of a network TV program, talking about the new Stan & Ollie film. They have some actual L&H clips, and on-camera comments from Stan's great-granddaughter and Dick Van Dyke.

They did switch the release years of Sons of the Desert and Way Out West, but it seems that everything else was accurate. L&H fanatics like us will notice that right away, but most of the general public won't care. To most people, there isn't any difference between 1933 or '37. It's all a long-gone decade that seems like a very long time ago to most people.

In any case, I think that it is very good that a national network TV show did a segment like this. It introduces L&H to people unfamiliar with them, and it shows a fairly good selection of clips of them, plus they see the present-day actors Steve Coogan and John C Riley talking about how much the team means to them today.

Eric Schultz

Dirty Work Tent

Grand Sheik Gary Winstanley tells us that his tent has found a new venue for meetings of the Dirty Work Tent of Wigan.

More details will appear soon.

The Palace

Axel Schumacher sent me this link. It is a video of the Palace Theatre in Plymouth, where Laurel and Hardy made their last stage performance in May 1954. It looks in a sorry state, but probably not beyond the realms of possibility of restoration.

Great find, Axel!

 Roger Robinson

Museum in Solingen, Germany

It was a great weekend at the Laurel & Hardy Museum. Sixty visitors came and we could celebrate a record with 1500 visitors this year [2018]. A young lady from Krefeld got the surprise bag with beautiful things from the shop. Now please all stay healthy so we can welcome many guests in the museum again in 2019.

Wolfgang Günther

In print

January 2019 Reader's Digest magazine has an interview with Steve Coogan, and a feature on the Stan & Ollie film.

Antony Mitchell-Waite

 Willie McIntyre adds, "So does the current Radio Times and there is a spread in today's Sunday Post."

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Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2019.

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