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Intra-Tent Journal

The latest issue of the Intra-Tent Journal has a splendid article by John Ullah, Grand Sheik of the Laughing Gravy Tent of Birmingham. John recalls Laurel and Hardy's visit to Birmingham in 1953. He enthuses about buildings which would have been seen by the Boys and the Hippodrome, where they performed.

There is an article about the special films screened at this year's International Convention in Cincinnati - some rarities fondly appreciated.

Editor Bill Oates has a feature on John Montage, a strange tale indeed, about a golfer whose company was enjoyed by Oliver Hardy.

As always, there is an abundance of tent news, courtesy of Dean Edward Cartier, Marc De Coninck, Gary Cohen and Flip Lauer.

For European subscriptions contact Del Kempster, and in the USA Bill Oates.

Bill Cubin Day in the Netherlands

The Jitterbugs Tent, from Holland, has decided that November 28 will be Bill Cubin Day. This year it's 21 years ago that he passed away. By organizing a special meeting, called "The Ambassador's night", we will remember this remarkable Son who put Laurel & Hardy on the map! He traveled all around the world and was/is loved by everyone! Without him the Jitterbugs Tent would probably never be here today. It was Bill that gave me, Hans, the idea to start a Tent and he also helped me out starting it. He has been a great friend till the day he died. The Ambassador's night will be an evening where we will remember him by showing footage of Bill and Laurel and Hardy, telling stories and raise money for charity.

We charge ¤10 p.p. and will arrange drinks and snacks that night. I hope that other tents around the world will pick up this idea and help raise money for those who need it. At the night itself we will, together with those who attemd the Ambassador's Night, pick a charity and donate the money the same evening If you like to participate with your tent please let us know. United we stand! I experienced myself this year what it feels like when so many care and help, when I needed special glasses to get back my vision and I know that we can do something for others as well. So let's call November 28th every year Bill Cubin Day and organize an Ambassador's Night!

Hans Van Terheijden


Radio Times

The Lottery Man

I stumbled over the YouTube site "The Silent Film Channel" and found the movie "The Lottery Man" there. Couldn't find any information in Rob Stone's book or other sources, but maybe it's me and I missed it, when someone uploaded it.

Here's the movie:

I found Babe at 47/48 mins. and later.

IMDB says:

It's mentioned in the book "What was the film when?" by Potts/Shepherd on page 207, F. Ray Comstock Photo Company.

And I found this page:

Axel Schumacher 

Good cause

Gary Stanley Slade posted on Facebook news of Laurel and Hardy lookalikes (Gary with Robbie Graham) at the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1 Charity Ball in aid of SSAFA, The Armed Forces at Beverley Memorial Hall, Beverley, Yorkshire. Over £6,000 was raised on the night thanks thanks to Leanne Marshall, Julian Minshall (Just Beverley Magazine) and Michael Hamish Menzies-Baird.

Blockheads' guests

Edinburgh's Blockheads' meeting for November went well, with a visit from George Cullen and Melvin McFadden and friends from the Them Thar Hills Tent of Carlisle. Charlie Lewis reports, "An excellent afternoon was had by one and all."

The Blockheads' next meeting will be their Christmas Party on 2nd December.

We have been recognised

Thanks to Melvin McFadden, Bowler Dessert Online has now been included in the Stan & Ollie movie website in its "Fans Sites" listing. Thanks, Melvin, for pointing out to them their earlier grave omission!


Christmas cards

Don't miss out on your Laurel and Hardy Christmas. They are selling well.


Men 'o War Tent of Colchester

A big thank you to everyone who could  make it to the November meeting - there was a great turn-out with an audience of around 40.

Details of the next Men 'o War Tent meeting at the Manifest are now on the website - it's our Christmas meeting and we have 4 great shorts plus the usual seasonal additions to the buffet, etc.

Also, there are still still tickets available for the Laurel and Hardy film show on the big screen at Chelmsford's Picture House (in the Civic Centre) this Thursday (15 November) - I've been told at least half a dozen Men o' War Tent members are going (including Nigel and me) and there are 16(+) booked from Southend's Saps at Sea Tent. 

Paul Harding


Paul Allen recently bought these. He says, "They were in a very poor condition but have been restored to a very high standard even to the veins on Stan's hands, and put on a wooden box."

Good signs

John Burton saw some Laurel and Hardy plants in a garden centre in Sheffield.

Whilst walking through the South Yorkshire countryside he came across this sign on the towpath beside the Chesterfield Canal.



 In Edinburgh

Footage of Laurel and Hardy visiting Edinburgh in 1932 is on We see them arriving at Waverley Station, going to the North British Hotel and finally visiting the castle. Running time: 1.48 minutes. Preservation of this film has been supported by the National Heritage Memorial Fund.

Piece of cake


We sported this (about cakes) in the Daily Record (3rd November).

And finally...