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Book review:

A Spot of Trouble in Southend


Roger Robinson never rests. He has updated his book A Spot of Trouble in Southend. It was already a lovely read, but it is now even bigger and better.

I sat down over the holiday period and re-acquaint myself with this record of a visit Stan and Ollie made to the Essex town in 1952, and once again I felt that I was with the Boys in a by-gone day.

I must quote Jeffrey Holland in his Foreword in the book:

Roger works continuously and very creatively in his issue of The Perry Winkle, the regular periodical of the Saps at Sea Tent of Southend, and just where he unearths some of the treasures of information from beggars belief! It is always full of the most interesting and informative material totally invaluable to all Sons everywhere. If this book is anything like the magazine we are in for a treat!

Jeff is right and Roger is second to none in his ability to celebrate the Boys in print and in pictures. So it is no surprise that the first issue of this book sold out. And, like many things in the Sons world, it has now expanded.

There are interviews with many people associated with Laurel and Hardy's visit and about the supporting acts that toured with them. There are hundreds of photographs and dozens of letters, adverts etc.

If you missed the first (2012) edition, this new one is a must. If you did enjoy it in its previous form, invest in this updated version and enjoy it even more than before.

Willie McIntyre

Cost: £15.00 with FREE postage

Roger Robinson
115 Neil Armstrong Way
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