Guido in his living room where he often recorded his show. He is reading what would be an educational magazine for the From Soup to Nuts Tent.

This photo of Margaret Hamilton was taken in May of 1982 when she was the Guest of Honor at a meeting of the Night Owls Tent of the Connecticut Valley. To her left is Grand Sheik Hal Stanton.  The audio for this is in Compilation #1

This photo is of NNNN founders Mike David and Guido Cipriani,  taken onstage during the Parade of Tents at the 1986 Sons Convention.

And finally Guido and his wife; you'll see that he's wearing our From Soup to Nuts shirt.

Above Steve Wichrowski, Jr with Guido Cipriani


Steve Wichrowski, Jr with TB Roberts

Mike David with TB Roberts

Mae Questel and Mike David

The guests of the Convention


Guido Cipriani and Mike David admiring Mike's car


Harlem, Georgia, mayor Scott Dean (left) interviewed by Steve Wichrowski (2006)

Rev. Dixon addresses the crowd outside city hall -- note the still at right for making the 190 proof "Mountain Dew" (2006)

Robin Root of the local tent; to the left is our forum's Dennis Moriarty as Stan and to the right is Dale E. Walter, Sr. as Ollie (2006)

Fin author John DeSanto at left (2006)

A smiling Map Boon of Amsterdam's Perfect Day Tent (2006)

Florida Grand Sheik Ron Young (left) jokes with Steve (2006)

Steve interviewing Live Ghost Grand Sheik and ITJ editor Del Kempster (2006)

 Newlyweds Kim and Steve Kenyon from Bolton England, who were engaged at the L&H Museum in Ulverston and married at the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Harlem (2006)

Laurel and Hardy impersonators McKenna and Levy (2006)

Harlem High School Theater Group which presented the very well received tribute to Laurel and Hardy: "Take A Smile"  (2006)

Payne Johnson who played "Jiggs", one of the Three Little Pigs in 1934's Babes In Toyland (2006)

Kevin Butler of Orlando, Florida, standing by an historical sign dedicated to Ollie by the city of Madison, GA, where he went to school (2006)

Steve interviewing author Savannah Furman concerning her books dealing with Sons conventions (2006)

Convention guest and star Jean Darling holding Steve's tape recorder (2006)

Jean Darling at the convention center with Dale E. Walter, Sr., and Dennis Moriarty (2006)

Sjaak Bolder, Map Boon and Anton Myups of Amsterdam's Perfect Day Tent celebrate their tent's victory at being chosen to host the 2008 Sons Convention (2006)

Dwain Smith of the Founding Tent with Grand Sheik and Intra Tent Journal Editor Roger Gordon and wife (2006)

And finally, the 2006 Convention's special guests: two stars of the Our Gang comedies and Babes In Toyland, Payne Johnson and Jean Darling (2006)