February 2014

Billy Bletcher and Billy Gilbert in Keg O' My Heart

eBay item #251432211509 with the description: A Vintage 1920's ORIGINAL Photograph depicting the cast of Our Gang on the Hal Roach Studio Bus.... Allen Hoskins (Farina), Eugene 'Pineapple' Jackson, the 'Fat Boy" Joe Cobb, Mary Ann Jackson, Jackie Condon, Johnny Downs and Mickey Daniels. Excellent contrast and razor sharp of the multiple door bus with a destination sign that reads HAL E. ROACH STUDIOS.

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Viola Richards

Mae Busch

November 2013

This watercolour by Sonny Schug is currently available to buy on ebay #190949849607

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Edgar Kennedy with Jane Darwell in Captain Tugboat, 1945.

July 2013

Babe London in Tillie's Punctured Romance (1928)

June 2013

Michael Ehret Collection

Stan in Mud and Sand (1922)

Two Hal Roach Studios Prop Dept Photo Stills from 1941 'Miss Polly' Movie Set (Zasu Pitts).

From the Craig Raguse Collection.  Showing Elmer Raguse, Richard Bann adds: The TOPPER car blocks a clear view of Lake Laurel & Hardy (long before it was so christened), but you can see the HRS film vault, also the guardhouse for the studio's front gate, and the few steps at the far right which lead to the apartment where Hal Roach's mother lived. His dad lived there too, but had passed less than a year before this great still was shot.

Chickens Come Home

Brats from The Hollywood Party Tent Archives

May 2013

Messrs. Laurel and Hardy in Stockholm, Sweden. From the collection if Paul E. Gierucki

Michael Ehret Collection

Thanks to Roger Westerbeek for sharing this wonderful picture of Stan and Eda Laurel.


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March 2013

Paul E. Gierucki posted this image on Facebook stating: Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy Go to War. On tour, performing the Driver's License sketch for the troops, at an air base on St Croix - 3rd November 1941.

 Edgar Kennedy with Guy Kibbee, 1939.

Mr and Mrs Kennedy with Guy Kibbee in 1944.

Angora Love

Angora Love

Michael Ehret posted this image of Stan in the 1940s on The Nutty Nut News Network Facebook page.

Posted by Sjaak Bolder on Facebook.  It was taken in Saint Raphael  around September of 1950.

February 2013

January 2013

From the collection of Craig Raguse:  Elmer Raguse Sr., a cousin of Hal Roach,  Doodles Weaver and Oliver Hardy.

The above image of Ollie in his garden form the late 1940s was posted on Facebook by regular Nutty Nut News Network contributor Michael Ehret.

Trevor Dorman sent us the above picture showing Stan with the Academy Award Oscar which he received on July 11th 1961.  Stan dubbed his Oscar Mr Clean after the similar looking 'Mr Clean' cleaning products logo.

Oliver Hardy-Jean Simmons Rare 1940s Movie Film Card from Spain

Andrea Ciaffaroni posted the above image of Stan and Ollie celebrating Ollie's birthday on Facebook.  It sparked some debate as to how old Babe was..

Hal Erickson wrote: The "freight" tag suggests this was taken in 1942, when they were making A-HAUNTING WE WILL GO (one scene in which has them loading a coffin onto a freight car)

Lou Sabini wrote:  I have to disagree because Stan is wearing a double-breasted jacket in the photograph, which he doesn't wear in A-HAUNTING WE WILL GO.  Also, in A-HAUNTING, they are vagrants and Stan's clothes are pretty wrinkled...

Tyler St Mark wrote:  Lou, I ruled out "A-Haunting" for the same reason. As I said before, Stan appears to be wearing a suit from the MGM wardrobe but, interestingly enough, he is not wearing his standup collar which means he could between wardrobe fittings and/or put on the jacket for the photo op.

Lou Sabini wrote:  I agree with you, Tyler.  If I'm not mistaken, Stan doesn't wear a stand-up collar in THE DANCING MASTERS or THE BIG NOISE, but Hardy looks a tad thinner in the photo than he did in either of those films. I just looked at a still from JITTERBUGS and Stan does wear his traditional stand-up collar, so I will have to rule out that film. Hmmm. You might be right the "wardrobe fittings" theory...Good guess...

Maybe we should count the candles on the cake!

From Laurel Hardy Archive on Facebook (please join this excellent group as it is the best Laurel and Hardy group for images and facts on Facebook), Eddie Cantor's birthday party, 1946.  Standing left to right: Eddie Cantor, Harry Von Zell, Ed Gardner (Duffy's Tavern), Joe E. Brown, Stan Laurel, George Burns, Billy Gilbert, Oliver Hardy, Seated left to right: Jimmy Durante, Charles Correll and Judy Canova.