March 2012

Thelma Todd puts the finishing touches to her make-up in this Stax Graves picture

The above three stills from Stan's solo career were all sold recently on ebay.  Can you spot Stan's first wife, Lois, in the first image?

From the BBC website, songwriter Irving Berlin visits Glasgow to attend a showing of Blue Skies. He was joined by Glasgow-born Mary Gordon (who appeared with Laurel and Hardy in Bonnie Scotland) and music hall legend Sir Harry Lauder at Green's Playhouse in Renfield Street, Glasgow, Monday 9th September, 1946.

Michael Ehret posted the above image of Stan and his North Shields friend, John Ryles, taken during the 1932 tour on our Facebook page.

February 2012

The above was posted on our Facebook group.  Andrew Smith wrote: It's never stuck me until now how unlike the interior of a plane that set looked!  Just goes to show that talent in front of the camera doesn't need backup from elaborate scenery and special effects, I suppose.

The above image was created by Dean McKeown and shows he has too much time on his hands!

January 2012

This rare signed and inscribed photograph of Stan sold on January 3rd at auction in the UK, the guide price was only  £30-£50!  The photo was taken in Akron, Ohio 19.3.20.

Piet Lindner has kindly remastered the above image and adds 'I did some research and most likely the photograph was taken at the "Colonial Theatre" which was located at Millstreet, near to Mainstreet, in Akron, Ohio. The theater opened on march 2, 1902 for Musicals & Vaudeville and later become a cinema. In 1970 the theater was demolished.'

December 2011

Merry Christmas from everyone here at The Nutty Nut News Network, we hope you enjoy this festive collection of images from Babes in Toyland.

The above image showing the entire cast of Babes in Toyland is from the Mike David collection.

November 2011

The above is one of four colour images of Laurel and Hardy taken in the 1930s.

The above letter where Stan refers to the agreement made with Larry Harmon  is currently for sale on ebay.

Pack Up Your Troubles (this image comes form our Facebook group)

The Live Ghost

Lawrence Tibbett and Catherine Dale Owen in a scene from The Rogue Song

October 2011

Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble

Trevor Dorman shares this rare image of Ollie on Facebook.

Michael Ehret shares this image on Facebook of Lois visiting her father on the set of The Bullfighters.

A strange movie poster from Sons of the Desert.

This image was taken in Copenhagen in 1947 and was posted on The Laurel and Hardy Archive Facebook group by  Torben Møller

September 2011

The Nutty Nut News Networks newsdesk has two new anchormen!

The above image was posted by our friend Sjaak Bolder of Facebook, the reverse to which is seen below.

The above image was posted by Nutty Nut News regular Tyler St. Mark on Facebook.

August 2011

Above is a touching letter Stan sent to Hal Roach.  This letter was recently added to the excellent lettersfromstan.com

From the collection of Paul E. Gierucki.  Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel attend a 4A's dinner, June 1941.  Looks like Ollie is trying to give Stan matching sore fingers on each hand.

Randy Skretvedt addsthis article from the previous years event: ‎3/4/1940 THE "4-A GAMBOL OF STARS" TO OFFER GALA PROGRAM  "Gambol of the Stars," the 4'A Ball scheduled at the Cocoanut Grove Thursday evening, March 14, is to be one of the gala highlights of entertaining throughout the month with a capacity reservation to assist the Associated Actors and Artists of America to raise funds for its needs. Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians will be an added feature on the excellent program.

Artists of renown who are serving loyally with the general committee to make the huge benefit a success include Eddie Cantor, Edward Arnold, Fred Keating, I.B. Kromblum, Kenneth Thompson and Lawrence Tibbett.

Other committee chairmen include Loretta Young, in charge of reception; George Murphy supervising the gorgeous entertainment;  Lucile Webster Gleason, ticket chairman; Jean Hersholt, program director; Edward Arnold in charge of the floor, and Porter Hall looking after the financial angle of the benefit party.

Beginning at 8 o'clock, the affair promises to be a great party, comprised of dining and dancing, interspersed with some of the finest entertainment the huge array of talented artists of the 4-A group can produce.

Assisting Loretta Young in receiving will be Tyrone Power, Paula Winslowe, Vivien Leigh, Andres de Segurola, Richard Greene, Elizabeth Risdon, Gene Raymond, Erich von Stroheim, Gary Cooper, Don Ameche, Clair Trevor, Marek Windheim, Victor Jory, Nelson Eddy and James Stewart.

Working with Jean Hersholt as chairman of the program committee are Claudette Colbert, Clark Gable, C. Aubrey Smith, Carole Lombard, Bette Davis, Norma Shearer and Jeanette MacDonald.

Above is a press photo from Salute to Stan Laurel, 1965, including Bob Newhart, Danny Kaye, Dick Van Dyke, Phil Silvers, Buster Keaton, Louis Nye and Lucille Ball, Audrey Meadows, Tina Lousie, Caesar Romero and Gregory Peck. 

The above image dedicated to Leslie Spurling reads:  (very faded) 'We will always be indebted to you `Leslie` your pal Oliver Hardy (Ollie)'; 'Thanks Leslie for your capable and valuable support, greatly appreciated.  Regard and Best Always, Stan Laurel (Stan).

The above images were posted on The Nutty Nut News Network Facebook group, to join simply search for the group and request membership.

July 2011

From Antony Mitchell-Waite, posted on The Nutty Nut News Network Facebook page, Stan and Ollie in Skegness 1947

Stan and Eda, 1961

Bonnie Scotland

Argentinian comic strip

The front of an Argentinian calendar from 1933

Ben Turpin form the 1890s

Ben Turpin form the 1890s

Laurel and Hardy in 3D

Laurel and Hardy in 3D

Laurel and Hardy in 3D