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Dick Van Dyke and Stan photobombed by President Kennedy.

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Stan with Norman Wisdom.

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This months images are mostly taken from the best recently posted on Facebook, credit is given to the original posters where possible.

Courtesy of Laurel Hardy Archive.  Presstext: TWO CLOWNS WHO NEVER GROW OLD.  The fabulous LAUREL and HARDY; beloved clowns for two generations and still packing the cinemas and theaters. Here to tour Britain with their show the two old timers gave a press reception at their London hotel to-day upon their arrival from America.  Oct. 13th 1953.  Photographer: PAUL POPPER

Posted by Antony Mitchell-Waite.

The Laurel and Hardy Forum brings us this snap of Stan and Ollie relaxing in Blackpool, 1932.

Dublin's Olympia Theatre, September 1953.  If memory serves me correctly this was posted by Liam Muldowney.

With Jimmy Durante

Sent to us by Gino Dercola.  Gino states:  Fellow Son, Ray Faiola, of Them Thar Hills Tent, New York, has passed along a really nice photo (below) of Hal Roach in a Vitaphone projection room.

The man kneeling in the foreground of the image is Elmer R. Raguse, sound engineer mostly associated with the Hal Roach Studios. He was nominated for eight Academy Awards in the categories Best Sound Recording and Best Effects.  Below is a picture of the Roach sound truck from the collection of Craig Raguse who shares images form his grandfathers collection on Facebook.

Michael Ehret brings us this rare candid shot.

Shared by Sjaak Bolder.

Mike David posted this on The Nutty Nut News Network Facebook page adding:  The photo is a rare still of Henry (Kleinbach) Brandon as Silas Barnaby in 1934's "Babes in Toyland".

Mike also posted this adding:  the Boys and Toyland residents look on as Silas proposes to Little Bo Peep.

From the Laurel Hardy Archive:  "Behind the scenes" with JOHN WAYNE in THE FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN

Dave Lord Heath wrote:  My random "Did you know?" post of today is:  Charlie Hall in PARDON US.  As well as the dentists' assistant, he also is seen at around 27 minutes into the film delivering the beans to the prison.

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