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I was born in a log cabin nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of, ah -- oh, just playing!

It is a real joy to be a part of this website.  Those of us who worked in the NNNN Show in the 1980's and 90's never would have thought that some day these audiotapes would be readily available to Sons, and also to "normal" people, around the world.

I have always loved Laurel and Hardy.  As a child I would initially laugh cautiously at their antics as a part of me was concerned that they were really injured (and, of course, sometimes they were).  Growing up it was difficult to find books and photos related to the Boys, and the Our Gang kids, but my mother managed to always locate whatever material was available.  She often spoke of how during the Depression and World War 2 that Stan and Ollie came along at the right times to help people forget their troubles and the war that raged.

After starting a career as a public school educator I got into Super 8 filmmaking.  This naturally lead to collecting many of the Boys' movies on 8mm and 16mm films.  I still have my collection today and enjoy watching the flicks on a large screen.  (I also collect fossils -- it's nice to have something around the house that's older than me.)

After a time, I found there was a Sons tent nearby and then I met Guido Cipriani.  He and his family were very dedicated to hosting meetings and activities for the From Soup to Nuts Tent.  In 1982 Guido got a brainstorm about using audiotapes as a method for tents worldwide to exchange greetings and messages.  And the NNNN Show was born the following year.

Guido Cipriani and Mike David admiring Mike's car

One of our greatest experiences was attending the 1986 Sons International Convention at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  We had the time of our lives.  I was thrilled to meet so many people who knew and worked with Laurel and Hardy.  Rosina Lawrence was soft-spoken and amiable.  One member of her family was interested in being a teacher near where I live so we talked for a good while about that.

And later during the Celebrity Panel we all got to hear the stars talk about their experiences.  Afterwards, I had a nice chat with Virginia Karns who was pleased to hear that I showed L&H films to my students as a treat.  She emphasized that I should make certain that I show the uncut version of "Babes In Toyland" since her opening scene was often deleted.

The guests of the Convention

I should also add that we spent time talking with Sons from all around and made new friends (especially at the bar).

Another person who was happy to learn that I showed the Boys' films to my kids was Lois Laurel Hawes.  She was in the dealers' room discussing the newly colorized videotapes and the upcoming start of the new "Laurel and Hardy TV Show".

Later, on an impulse, I asked voice artist and actress Mae Questel if I could interview her for the show.  She was very happy to oblige and discussed her career while voicing samples of various cartoon characters.  A portion of our interview was included in the 2004 dvd "Popeye Original Classics", but the entire interview is available right here on our website.

Mae Questel and Mike David


And I became very good friends with Thomas Benton Roberts and his wife Lois.  We had breakfast together later Mr. Roberts gave an extended, in-depth interview concerning his work on both the Our Gang and L&H films as well as his memorable appearance in the classic "Two Tars".

Mike David with TB Roberts

Everyone of the celebrities we met were very unassuming and down to earth.  They gave freely of their time and continually signed autographs and answered countless questions from inquiring Sons.

Our Tent continued its activities while other meetings and conventions found their way onto the NNNN Show until Guido Cipriani passed away.

But then the Laurel and Hardy Forum came along and with the administrators' assistance the audio for the 1986 Convention bacame available online.  And now we have our own website thanks to the dedicated efforts of Dean McKeown and the valuable contributions of our Drew Smith.

I continue to share things I find by posting them on the Laurel and Hardy Forum and also spend time remastering audio from the NNNN Show to post here.  All in keeping with the original spirit and intent when the show was founded.

And please know that we welcome your audio or news contributions here.  What a great way for all of us to share and keep in touch.

All the best.

Mike David

May 2008

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