September 2010

This months pictures are courtesy of the excellent Laurel hardy Archive group on Facebook.

From the foreign version of Pardon Us


August 2010

Nashville Tennessean Newspaper, November 26th, 1922.

Mae Busch

July 2010

Stan and Ruth

Stan and Viola Richards (currently available on ebay # 260626854808)

June 2010

Mrs Oliver Hardy

May 2010

Egg Art!  Currently listed on ebay.

The above drawings were recently sold on ebay

The above image is form the collection of our friend Tyler St. Mark

April 2010

From the collection of George P. Mazzey Sr.

From the collection of  Tyler St. Mark, Tyler writes: In their second DC comic adventure (never released), Mr. Laurel & Mr. Hardy confront a mild-mannered reporter with a "super" secret. This is one the few existing cover proofs of that second issue never published due to copyright challenges at the time.

Click the above image for a higher resolution copy.

Santa Anita partners: movie mogul Hal Roach and baseball team owner and former dentist Charles H. Strub.

Note that on the door or Bungalow B are the letters 'LAURE..' the cross beam hides the rest, also peering out from behind the screen door is a figure, could it be our Stan?

March 2010


February 2010

Stan and Virginia Laurel, Fort Laurel, January 13th, 1941.

Mae Busch and Eugene O Brien in Flaming Love, 1925.

County Hospital

Mae Busch in Husband Hunters 1927

Beau Hunks

Olivia de Havilland and Stan Laurel, May 18th, 1942.  Hollywood Victory Caravan Tour.

Mae Busch

Mae Busch, Chester Morris and Harry Stubbs.

Busch and Chaney, 1925, The Unholy Three.

January 2010

Laurel and Hardy Original Negative

Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy perform at Chicago Stadium.

Lona Andre (Our Relations)

Alan Hale (Our Relations)

Jean Parker


Billy Gilbert

December 2009

Associated Press Wirephoto of Stan Laurel and his new (4th) wife Ida Kitaeva Raphael. There is an AP stamp on the back, and it is date stamped May 9, 1946. The newspaper clipping  states that Laurel and his bride were smiling like a couple of teenagers after arriving at their home in Hollywood, and that they were married in Yuma, Arizona (May 6, 1946).


November 2009

A German Postcard

Mae Busch

Stan with 14 year old Harold Cordes, winner of a doubles contest.


Edgar Kennedy and Buck Jones San Francisco Seals Stadium, September 17th, 1939.

Mr and Mrs Gilbert

Dublin 1953

Charley and wife, Bebe.

Way Out West (behind the scenes)

Mae Busch

Mae Busch