June 2011

With regard to the above Stax image Dick Bann says 'No doubt shot during PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES, and this is probably a writer for the Spanish language magazine pictured, being accommodated during a visit to the studio.....That staircase is used in PACK UP, and compare stills from this film as to costume and weight.'  See below.

Piet Lindner adds: This picture was taken during the making of "Pack Up Your Troubles"( Spanish version). The reporter between the boys is Fernando G. Toledo. He is the writer of the Spanish article in the august 1932 edition of "Film Selectos" a Spanish film magazine. I know this because I have the original article in my collection . In my Bohemian Magazine nr.5 I have a translation in Dutch of this article.


Stan and Ollie give an interview, from the collection of Tyler St Mark

May 2011

The next seven images are from The Laurel and Hardy Archive Facebook group

6th April, 1933.

April 2011

Stan Laurel making a call to Mr Levity in the Blackstone Hotel, Chicago, Feb. 10th, 1937

March 2011

Pardon Us

The above are form the collection of our friend Tyler St Mark.  The colour images come from a film from Tyler's collection that show Stan celebrating his birthday on 16th June, 1964.

The above images are from the collection of Paul E. Gierucki.  The last image appears to have been taken on the same day as the image we use on the frontpage of The Nutty Nut News Network.

February 2011

Butlins 1947

January 2011

December 2010

November 2010

Edgar Kennedy and his family.

Edgar Kennedy in Hitler's Hangman

According to the reverse of this image it was taken on December 16th 1950. Arriving at Dearborn Street Station the day before appearing in Night of the Stars.  However Dec 1950 was right in the middle of Atoll K filming. Dearborn Street Station is in Chicago so my guess would be perhaps the December 16th refers to the date the newspapers used the image.  In the opinion of our friend and fellow Son, René Riva, this picture was taken between 1947 and 1949.

October 2010