The Butler's Tale (2013)
Directed by René Riva

René Riva writes: Dear Laurel & Hardy friends,
Here is the short silent comedy I made with Jean Darling. Enjoy! It was filmed during the convention in Rolduc last September.


Laurel and Hardy Tribute

Boys Behind Bars

A 16 year old Laurel and Hardy fan Allistair Nicholls got in touch saying 'both Stan and Ollie are such fantastic inspirations to myself and a fellow Laurel and Hardy lover named Ryan Martins, due to this, we have made our own tribute videos to the boys', Allistair adds 'we haven't had any training, the only training we have had is watching hours and hours of Laurel and Hardy films!' after watching their excellent work we have to ask what more training do you really need?  Allistair would like to share this tribute with the wider Laurel and Hardy community.  We hope you enjoy!



Felix Knight Interview

By  Scott MacGillivray

When first released, this 1990 interview caused somewhat of a stir due to Mr. Knight's comments on difficulties he experienced working with Oliver Hardy in this 1934 production.  The interview also covers Mr. Knight's recollections of the atmosphere on the "Babes in Toyland" set.  In addition Mr Knight speaks of the "genius" of Stan Laurel and discusses his own work in other films and his connection with the Sons of the Desert.


Laurel and Hardy in New York 1932


Water Rats Clip

René Riva Interviews Jean Darling

Dear Laurel & Hardy friends,

One of the interviews I did with Jean Darling in 2009 can now be seen on YouTube:


I hope you will all like this interview. Apologies for the blue line, I don't know where it comes from. The other interview will be on YouTube shortly. In 2009 the interviews already had their premiere on blotto.nl, with thanks to Bram Reijnhoudt.

Best wishes,
René Riva

Laurel & Hardy Footage From The Rogue Song


Laurel and Hardy in A Tree In a Test Tube


The Dirty Work Tent presents a tribute to Charlie Hall


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